Running Gout Of Time
S6 episode 12 Aired on July 17, 2018

Todd’s history of being an unsympathetic caretaker comes back to bite him when he’s diagnosed with gout. Meanwhile, Julie regrets agreeing to let Chase train her for an upcoming 5K. We’ve got all the details in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 610, “Running Out Of Time.” 


Todd’s tender tootsies prompt a visit to the doctor, who’s got surprising news: Todd has gout! Todd is actually kind of pleased to learn he has a disease connected with royalty, but the pain is very real, and he doesn’t like the fact that Julie is seizing this opportunity to clean up some of his bad eating habits (bye bye soda; hello water!). But if Todd is looking for sympathy, he’s barking up the wrong tree - see, Todd has never been compassionate to the rest of the family’s ailments in the past, (Julie’s bunion; Faye’s blood pressure; the list goes on) and now they’re all too happy to treat him in kind. 


Julie agreed to run a 5K with Allison, but she doesn’t have any cardio training under her belt!  Ever the dutiful son, Chase steps up and offers his services as a trainer (never mind that he’s never really been much of an athlete). But as Savannah points out, Chase is really just interested in using the opportunity to get close to Allison. Seems Chase has a bit of a schoolboy crush! Julie agrees to give Chase the benefit of the doubt, but she regrets her decision when Chase spends all of their training time attending to Allison while Julie is left to suffer on the treadmill.


At Julie’s request, Todd has a little man-to-man discussion with his son and tells him to cut the crap: not only is he going to keep his word to the woman who gave birth to him, Chase is also going to run the 5K alongside Julie in a show of support. Chase gets serious and brings his A game to the next training session, which makes Julie happy - she just might be ready for this 5K after all! Julie is so grateful to Todd that she actually starts to take pity on him a little; he may have been unsympathetic to everyone else in the past, but he’s really suffering now and he still managed to come through for her.


Julie convinces the family to help her make a gout-friendly pie for Todd in a show of support, and Todd is so touched that he promises to try and be more sympathetic to others in the future.  And when the day of the 5K arrives, everyone shows up in support of Julie, even though it’s cold and rainy. With Chase by her side, Julie finishes the race and feels great! Heck, she even thinks she might be looking forward to another 5K in the future!