Training Faye
S6 episode 1 Aired on May 8, 2018

Julie gets annoyed when Chloe’s fifth birthday brings out her family’s competitive side. Meanwhile, Todd’s meddling in Faye’s exercise routine gets her blood pressure up. Check out our rundown of the season 6 premiere of Chrisley Knows Best, “Training Faye.” 

Chloe’s Birthday Stokes Competitive Spirits

Chloe is about to turn five, y’all! We all know Todd only does B-Day celebrations one way -- BIG! -- but Julie thinks that instead of presents, they should focus on giving Chloe memories to last a lifetime. Of course, the rest of the family takes her suggestion as a competition opportunity, and before you know it Todd and Savannah are vying with Chase and Grayson to see who can make the biggest splash at the birthday party. Here we go again!

Todd Exercises Faye’s Patience

Looks like Faye has high blood pressure and exercise is the cure. Savannah sets up some sweat sessions with her hunky trainer, but Todd isn’t about to let some beefcake put hands on his mama, and he calls the whole thing off -- Todd will handle Faye’s exercise routine, thank you very much. But while Todd may think he can be Richard Simmons, instead of getting this oldie to sweat, he just ends up making her mad. Savannah finally puts her foot down -- exercise should be fun, or Faye won’t stick with it. Todd realizes he’s gone too far and agrees to rehire the hot trainer.

The Family Squashes the Feud

Savannah and Todd head to clown school to make sure they’ll win at Chloe’s party. Todd’s juggling definitely needs work, but he’s pretty sure his clown fashion game will make up for it. Meanwhile, Chase and Grayson are convinced their magic show is going to be the real hit of the party, and things get heated. It’s up to Julie to step in and remind everyone that the party is about Chloe turning five, not bragging rights. The rivalry is put on ice, and when the day of the party arrives, everyone gives it their all. Todd and Savannah get clownish with it, and…well, it turns out that Chloe is kind of afraid of clowns. But the rest of the kids have a good time, and they love the magic show. So we’re putting this one in the win column for team Chrisley!