Moms Just Wanna Have Fun
S5 episode 9 Aired on September 12, 2017

Lindsie’s rules for babysitting her son are chafing Todd something fierce! Meanwhile, Todd just can’t get it right when it comes to Mother’s Day. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best Episode 509, “Moms Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Todd Has a Grandparenting Fail

Todd and Julie are hosting Jackson for a sleepover, but Todd doesn’t like that Lindsie’s got a long list of rules (no sugar!) and a big bag of new age-y accessories to go along with her son. Todd doesn’t go in for all that hippy-dippy bull crap -- he raised five kids without essential oil diffusers, thanks. But Todd is eating his words when midnight rolls around and Jack-Jack is still bouncing off the walls, and Lindsie is none too pleased to learn about Todd’s creative approach to babysitting when she picks up her son the next day.

Todd Has a Husbanding Fail

Mother’s Day is here, but Todd’s idea of celebrating the women in his life is having Julie slave over a lavish meal for his beloved Mama. Not this year; Julie’s on strike! Todd doesn’t like Julie trampling all over tradition -- or is it just that he doesn’t like lifting a finger? Julie, Faye, and Lindsie plan a special spa day just for the mothers and leave Todd at home to take care of Jackson yet again. 

Todd Looks for Redemption

While the moms enjoy some pampering, Todd and the kids scratch their heads over how to salvage Mother’s Day. Savannah and Grayson decide to plan a nice dinner (that is, order in), but they won’t let Todd ride their coat tails; if he wants to make it up to Julie, he’ll have to find another way. 

Todd Gets It Right

When Jackson refuses to go down for his nap, Todd finally gives in and tries some of Lindsie’s “new-fangled” parenting methods. What do you know? They work! Yoga and essential oils were all Jackson needed for a good nap. Later, Todd throws on an apron, swallows his pride, and plays waiter for the big Mother’s Day dinner. Julie is tickled to have Todd waiting on her, and Lindsie is happy to hear that Todd finally respected her parenting rules. Sounds like a Mother’s Day win to us!