Dancing Tween
S5 episode 8 Aired on April 11, 2017

Todd puts Savannah and Faye on driving probation. Meanwhile, Grayson tries to conquer his fear of dancing with a girl while Julie tries to conquer her fear of her baby boy growing up.

It’s all in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 508, “Dancing Tween.

Todd Takes The Keys

Todd learns that his mother has been driving on a suspended license, and it’s all fun and games when he decides to set up a fake traffic stop to try and scare her straight. But he’s not laughing when Savannah shows off the new turbo-charged Mercedes she just bought for herself – the roads just aren’t safe with speed demon Sassy behind the wheel! For the public good, Todd confiscates Savanah’s new ride and tells her she needs to pass Professor Chrisley’s driving class before she gets those keys back. Julie suggests that for good measure they send Faye back to school, too.

Grayson's First Dance

Grayson has his first boy-girl dance coming up, so he’s headed to etiquette school to brush up on his manners. Julie isn’t amused when Todd starts cracking jokes about his boy learning to “get them digits” – her baby’s too young for that talk! Things get worse when Todd and Julie butt heads over what Grayson is going to wear (Todd is thinking James Bond; Julie is thinking more choir boy). They don’t even notice that all their quibbling is only making Grayson more nervous about the dance.

Savannah and Faye in the Driver's Seat

Todd takes Savannah and Faye out for a driving refresher, and while Savannah knows she should probably humor her father, she and Nanny get tired of Todd’s attitude pretty fast and decide to ditch him. But the ladies know they still have something to prove, so after a brush up on the rules of the road – courtesy of Lindsie and her concentration-boosting lavender incense – Faye and Savannah head to the DMV to retake their driving tests. Things are definitely touch and go (especially when Sassy gets behind the wheel), but they wind up passing. Sweet vindication! Now they can shove it in Todd’s face … er … prove to Todd that they’re clear to drive. Go ladies!

Grayson Conquers His Nerves

Savannah, Lindsie and Faye take Grayson for some dance lessons to help ease his nerves about the big dance. Meanwhile, Todd curbs all the digits talk and Julie agrees to let her baby grow up a little. With the full family’s support, Grayson heads to the dance and gets up enough courage to ask a girl to dance – and she says yes! Grayson has a great time, AND he manages to conduct himself like a gentleman. Hurray!