Matchmakers and Batchbakers
S5 episode 7 Aired on April 4, 2017

This week, Savannah wants to look for love on her own terms while Grayson just wants to bake some cookies. But leave it to Todd and Julie to stick their noses where they aren’t wanted!

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Todd And Julie, Matchmakers

Savannah is single again, and Todd is a little too eager to make sure that his daughter’s next boyfriend meets his very high standards (no musicians, for starters). Julie, of course, thinks Todd is ridiculous -- if anyone is going to be setting Savannah up, it should be her mother! Todd and Julie agree to disagree, and they set up a little friendly wager to see who will be successful at finding Savannah a quality man.

Grayson the Baker

Grayson is entering a kids cookie baking competition! Julie tries to guide her son to a winning recipe, but when she gets a little too hands-on Grayson fires her and brings Todd on as his new supervisor. Grayson likes his father’s laissez-faire attitude a whole lot more, but it turns out that Todd’s lack of actual baking knowledge makes for a pretty crummy cookie. Grayson sheepishly rehires his mother, who apologizes for her backseat bakery. Grayson’s third batch turns out a whole lot better with Julie’s suggestions, and he winds up winning the competition. Yay, Grayson!

Savannah Reclaims Her Love Life

Savannah isn’t too impressed when Todd crashes a singles event she’s attending in order to push her towards his pre-approved bachelors, nor is she amused when her mother tricks her into having lunch with her old beau Tyler (remember him?). When Todd drags out his trusty whiteboard and starts compiling a list of the things he and Julie are looking for in a son-in-law, Savannah finally draws a line -- she’ll handle her own love life, thank you very much! Todd and Julie realize their meddling may not be productive, and they promise to step back and let their daughter make her own choices (as long as Savannah understands that Todd is always going to weigh in with his two cents).