O Grayson, Where Art Thou?
S5 episode 6 Aired on March 28, 2017

[Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers]

All Todd and Julie want is a little time to themselves, but fate (and Chase and Lea) have other plans. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best season 5 episode 6, “O Grayson, Where Art Thou?

Todd and Julie Are Going on a Retreat

Julie has had it up to here with these kids lately (like, up to here), so she’s all in when her BFF Lea invites her and Todd down to Atlanta for a relaxing couples retreat. Todd loves Lea about as much as he loves split ends, but they’re headed to Atlanta anyway to drop Grayson off with Chase for some brother bonding time and Todd could surely use a weekend of massages and facials. Just so long as they don’t have to spend too much time with Lea.

Retreat, Interrupted!

First Chase tries to cancel on his baby bro last minute (Todd and Julie hold him to his commitment, but maybe they should have taken it as a sign). Next, Lea’s husband gets called away on work, turning Todd-and-Julie-time into three’s company. Before Todd knows it, he’s being dragged to a sculpture class against his will (okay, that turns out to be more entertaining than he expected thanks to a nude model). Things really go off the rails, though, when Grayson calls to say he’s bored out of his mind. It turns out that Chase’s idea of brotherly bonding includes alternately ignoring his little bro and dragging him to go sniff candles at the mall (you have issues, Chase). The retreat ruined, Todd and Julie leave to pick up Grayson and you better believe they have some choice words for Chase before they head back to Nashville.

Chase Makes Good

Chase knows he screwed up and invites Todd, Julie, and Grayson back down to Atlanta to make it up to them. They decide to give Chase another shot (against their better judgment), and Chase comes through, big time. We’re talking taking court-side seats at the Atlanta Hawks game. Grayson even gets to put on the Hawks mascot costume and run around the court at halftime. It seems like Chase has really learned his lesson! Chase even offers to take his baby brother for the rest of the weekend so his parents can finally get their relaxation time, and you better believe Todd and Julie are in their car before Chase has a chance to take it back!

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