Mannequin Challenge
S5 episode 5 Aired on March 21, 2017

[Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers]

Savannah’s recent injury is cramping her business ambition, while Chase deals with some animal anxiety issues. Get the rundown in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best season 5 episode 5, “Mannequin Challenge.”

Savannah Plans a Focus Group

Savannah’s business partner Bosco wants her to throw together a focus group for their forthcoming fashion line, but Sassy’s still recuperating from her accident and Todd thinks she should slow it down. Whatever; Savannah says she’s got this. Like father, like daughter, right Todd? Savannah dives head-first into the project, but with mannequins to assemble and style, a venue to book, a menu to plan, a survey to write, and attendees to find, Sassy soon realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Chase Is in The Dog House

Todd’s got a bee in his bonnet over a doggie disturbance! It seems that Lilo has been crying nonstop when Chase leaves his apartment and the condo board is not amused -- and neither is Todd. Not wanting to tee off his neighbors (or incur the wrath of Todd), Chase tries everything to help tame Lilo’s separation anxiety: dog trainers, doga sessions (that’s doggie yoga, y’all), even an anxiety vest. But it turns out that there’s nothing wrong with Lilo -- the condo board got the wrong dog! Chase revels in the news that the doggie apple of his eye is as perfect as he thinks she is, while Todd eats a slice of humble pie.

The Family Steps Up

Savannah may be in over her head with this focus group thing but the family has her back, and with everyone pitching in, they manage to put together a killer presentation and find a group of eager attendees. Now it’s up to Savannah to bring it all home. Our girl’s nerves kick in a little but she manages to keep things on track, and in the end, they get some good feedback from the group and everyone seems pleased. Especially Todd, who is so happy his family came together to support Sassy.