Market Crash
S5 episode 4 Aired on March 14, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for "Market Crash"

Savannahs worst car accident yet has Todd at his wit's end. Meanwhile, Chase flexes his marketing game to try to boost sales at the Juice Bar. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 504, Market Crash.

Savannahs Smash Up

Oh no, Savannah got into a car accident!  And this one was really bad, yall (how bad? Chase wont even joke about it). At this point, Todd is beside himself; what will it take to get it through Sassys skull that she has to step up her driving game? Todd and Julie tend to Savannah while she recuperates (were talking full neck brace), and Todd decides to give his daughter a crash course on the rules of the road. But Savannah is still kind of dismissive about her fathers worries, and when she completely bombs Todds driving quiz, he decides he may need to take more drastic measures. 

Chase, Marketing Genius?

With Chase in town to visit his sister after the accident, Todd decides to put his idle son to work at the Juice Bar and charges Chase with spearheading a marketing campaign to boost sales. Chase accepts the challenge, if only so he can rub it in Todds face, but he and his buddy Ronndell strike out with their first endeavor (it turns out that giving away too many free samples is actually a money loser). Their second idea is much better, though: a comedy night at the Juice Bar starring Ronndell. Chase puts the word out on social media and Ronndell brushes up some of his cleaner material, and the night is a hit! Everyone has a great time, and, more importantly, they sell a ton of juice. Todd couldnt be prouder of his boy.

Sassy Scared Straight 

Todd drags the whole family to the auto yard to see what has become of Savannahs car. Theres no sugarcoating it: her Mercedes is totaled. The sight of the car gets Todd seriously worked up. It starts to sink in for Savannah just how lucky she is to have walked away, and she promises to be better. Heres hoping!