A Play In A Manger
S5 episode 25 Aired on December 7, 2017

Todd and Julie direct the community nativity play while they also try to teach Chloe and Grayson a lesson about the true meaning of Christmas. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 525, “A Play In A Manger.”

The Chrisleys (Try To) Give Back

Tis’ the season to give back, and Todd and Julie have volunteered to direct the local community Christmas play. Of course, they have big expectations for the pageant (Todd still fancies himself an auteur, even after the juice bar commercial fiasco), and Todd has drafted Chase, Savannah and Faye to help him execute his grand vision – whether they like it or not. Meanwhile, Grayson and Chloe’s Christmas lists have Todd and Julie worried that their youngest ones don't understand the true meaning of Christmas. The parents order Gray and CoCo to choose some of their toys to donate to less fortunate children. But when the kids come back with a bunch of broken Slinkies and raggedy dolls, it starts to seem like the lesson may not be sinking in. 

Todd and Julie’s Expectations Meet Reality

Todd and Julie meet with the children from the community to assign roles for the play, but they’re disappointed by the talent their actors are bringing to the table – where’s the Broadway pizzazz? Meanwhile, Faye and the kids shop for supplies and get to work building the sets. But when Todd and Julie get just one look at their manger situation and tell them they need to step their game up. Rude! They’re not exactly professional set designers, and they’re doing this for free, so how about a little appreciation?!

The Chrisleys Learn the True Meaning of Christmas

Chase, Savannah and Faye stage an intervention to let Todd and Julie know that they’re both being Grinches – after all, this is community theater being produced by volunteers, so maybe they need to cool it with the delusions of Broadway grandeur? But everything comes together once Todd and Julie “manage” their expectations. The play is a success (and, of course, Todd gets to snag a little of the spotlight as one of the three wisemen)! Meanwhile, Chloe and Grayson embrace the reason for the season and decide to donate all of their favorite toys - a Chrisley Christmas miracle!