Ready To Launch
S5 episode 24 Aired on December 12, 2017

This week, the family is Florida-bound for the launch of Savannah’s new clothing line, “Faith Over Fear.” Meanwhile, Chase and Faye get into trouble at the poker table. Check out our guide for the full scoop on Chrisley Knows Best’s season five finale, “Ready To Launch.”

Savannah Is Ready to Launch

The family is heading down to Florida for the launch of Savannah’s new clothing line on HSN! Expectations for the line are sky-high, but Todd has faith in his daughter and Sassy is always the Chrisley you can count on to be rock solid in the spotlight. However, when Savannah reports to set for on-air training, her nerves start to get the best of her.

Chase and Faye Hit the Tables

Chase promises to keep an eye on Faye while Todd and Savannah do their final prep before the big launch, and Todd even gives Chase his ATM card for any emergencies that may come up. But this is Chase and Faye, y’all -- you know they’re going to end up at the poker table! Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Chase to lose all his money, and after listening to some bad advice from Faye, he winds up losing $300 of Todd’s money, too. Fearing the wrath of Todd, Chase and Faye make a pact to keep this between the two of them.

The Jig Is Up

Chase and Faye tell Todd they spent the day at the spa but Todd’s sixth sense tells him something else is up (honestly, how does Chase not know that Todd has an alert on his ATM card?), and before you can say “hold ‘em or fold ‘em” these two partners in crime are throwing each other under the bus. Faye lets Chase take the heat for the whole affair, but she starts to feel bad that she didn’t stick up for her grandson so she goes back to take her share of the blame and ALL of Chase’s debt to Todd. Now that’s what we call real ride or die.

Faith Over Fear

What’s shaking Sassy’s confidence? It turns out that Todd’s golden girl feels like she’ll be letting everyone down if her clothing line doesn’t sell out. Todd and Julie help Savannah see that she’s already accomplished so much; even if she doesn’t sell out, the only true failure will be quitting. It’s just the pep talk that Savannah needs, and after a good night’s sleep, the entire family gathers in the green room at HSN studios to watch Savannah’s launch. Was there ever any doubt? Savannah kills it, and the line sells out! Savannah couldn’t be happier, and it makes her feel so good that her family was there to help her through it. It’s the perfect end to another big year for the Chrisleys, with the promise of many more on the horizon!