Bringing Up Baby
S5 episode 23 Aired on December 5, 2017

This week, Chase and Savannah step into their parents’ shoes. Meanwhile, Todd has high expectations for date night, but his over-planning ruins the romance. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 521, “Bringing Up Baby.” 

Chase and Savannah Have It Tough

After listening to Chase and Savannah go on about how hard their lives are, Todd offers up a little wager to his spoiled progeny: step into his and Julie’s shoes for a weekend to see what real responsibility looks like, and if they can check even half the boxes on their to-do list then Todd will pay their phone bill. Become mom and dad for a weekend? Chase and Savannah are pretty sure this one’s in the bag. Of course, Todd always has a trick up his sleeve, and he ups the ante by giving his kids an infant simulator doll (complete with real crying sound effects!) to look after while they’re trying to take care of business.

Todd’s Romance Fail

With Chase and Savannah taking over mom and dad duties, Todd takes the opportunity to plan a whole weekend of romance for Julie and himself (let’s just say that “quality time,” ahem, has been in short supply lately). Julie is all for taking advantage, but when Todd drags her to a tango lesson and makes a scene, she just winds up feeling uncomfortable. Way to go overboard, Todd!

Chase and Savannah Play House

It’s day two, and Chase and Savannah are busy checking off their to do list (including taking Grayson to a birthday party and dropping off a doggie stool sample at the vet). And while they don’t find it that hard to juggle their responsibilities and taking care of the practice baby (Chase actually thinks the whole baby thing is a good look on him), they’d also just as soon be done with the challenge and get back to their real lives. So when they learn that Julie wasn’t so into Todd’s tango, Chase cooks up a plan to help their mom AND help themselves.

Chase and Savannah Have the Solution

Chase and Savannah tell Todd they have a solution to their father’s dating woes, and they’ll give him the answer in exchange for an end to the wager. Todd agrees, but he kind of feels cheated when he learns their big idea is to just Netflix and chill – how would he even find that kind of privacy in a house full of kids? But Chase promises to get everyone out of the house for the evening so Todd can work his magic, and darn it all if he doesn’t come through. Julie loves her night in with Todd and the kids are happy to go back to their lives – it’s a win/win!