Baking Bad
S5 episode 21 Aired on November 23, 2017

Todd is willing to go to any length to cure his insomnia. Meanwhile, Julie and Faye butt heads over who’s calling the shots for Thanksgiving dinner. Check out our recap for Chrisley Knows Best episode 521, “Baking Bad.”

Todd Can’t Sleep

Todd’s got insomnia, and while Julie is happy to have the bed to herself, she figures she’d better get her sleepless beauty to see a doctor. The doctor’s professional opinion is that Todd could benefit from some stress relieving activities – acupuncture… meditation… maybe even more sex! Now as we all remember, Todd is allergic to needles. And Julie is fine with their sex life just the way it is, thanks. So it looks like Todd is taking up meditation. Namaste, y’all!

Turkey Day Rivalry

Faye is moving into Savannah’s old house, and she wants to christen the place by hosting Thanksgiving this year. Julie offers to help Faye with cooking duties, but let’s just say that Julie and Faye have a checkered past when it comes to Thanksgiving and Faye makes it clear that they’ll be doing things her way this year, much to Julie’s annoyance. Things reach a boiling point when Faye refuses to buy any of the ingredients on Julie’s shopping list. The kids suggest that Faye and Julie settle this with a bake off, with the winner earning the right to call the shots on Turkey day. It’s on, y’all!

Todd’s Last Resort

Julie takes Todd to a hippy-dippy meditation class but all the chanting and Om-ing isn’t really Todd’s cup of tea. Todd is about ready to try anything at this point, and since Julie isn’t budging on the sex thing that just leaves one option: acupuncture. Chase and Savannah are more than happy to escort their dad to the clinic if it means they get to watch him get stuck with a bunch of needles. The pain is real, and we’re not sure who takes it worse, Todd or the kids. But you know what? It works! Todd finally gets the shut-eye he needs -- it’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

Faye and Julie Throw Down (And Squash the Beef)

Faye and Julie prepare to bake and they’re both in it to win it. They’re so focused, in fact, that Julie won’t even let Chloe help her roll out the crust. How could she do her Chlo-bug like that?! Julie and Faye realize that they may be letting their competitive sides get the best of them, so they drop the rivalry and agree to collaborate on Thanksgiving dinner. With the ladies working together, it’s no surprise when the meal is a success. Good food and a good night’s sleep for Todd -- now that’s something to be thankful for!

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