Granny's Gone Wild
S5 episode 20 Aired on November 16, 2017

This week, Faye’s senior moments send Todd into an overprotective tailspin. Meanwhile, Chase is supposed to help Grayson with his book report, but is he just teaching his brother how to goof off? It’s all in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 520, “Granny’s Gone Wild.” 

Grayson Has a Book Report

Grayson will be starting at a new school this year, and while he’s finished his summer reading, he’s having a little trouble getting started on his book report. Chase volunteers to help his baby bro put together a killer presentation, because if there’s on thing Chase is good at it’s…uh…book reports? Yeah, Julie is a little skeptical, too, but if it takes something off her plate then she is willing to go with it. For now.

Faye’s Senior Moments

Savannah’s condo is just about ready, which means she’ll be moving out of Faye’s place. But when Savannah makes an offhand remark about Faye’s recent senior moments, Todd starts to get concerned -- Faye’s going to be losing a roommate AND she might be losing her marbles! Julie tells Todd to not go ‘all Todd’ on the situation, but come on; he’s Todd, how else is he going to go? Of course, he winds up offending Faye, who threatens to move back to Atlanta so she can be closer to her friends. Nice work, Todd.

Julie Has New-School Jitters

Chase leads Grayson in a dry run of his book report, but Julie walks in and it really doesn’t look good. Julie is pissed; why can’t Chase just do what she asked him to do?! But Chase explains that she just walked in at the wrong time, and Julie admits that she’s only worried about Grayson making a good first impression at his new school. Chase and Grayson decide to give their parents a sneak peak at the full book report to set Julie’s mind at ease. It works! She loves the report, and she really loves that Chase came through for her.

Todd Eases Up

Todd realizes that even though he just wants to keep Faye safe, he needs to back off, and he and Savannah set up a few senior activities for Faye to show her that life in Nashville can be fun (one of them is a senior motorcycle tour and it nearly gives Todd a heart attack). Faye decides to stay in Nashville, and Todd promises he’ll try to let her live her own life -- even if it just means he’ll be sneakier in how he keeps tabs on her.