S5 episode 2 Aired on February 28, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for "Client Hell"

Savannah manages Todd's singing career, which only brings out his inner diva. Meanwhile, Chase's dinner party doesn't go as planned. Check out our guide to the Chrisley Knows Best season five episode, “Client-Hell"

Top Chrisley: Savannah  V. Chase

Savannah throws a dinner party for her family and everyone is impressed, but Chase thinks he would do it so much better. In fact, he wants everyone to come over to his place so he can show them. Julie decides to turn it into a competition and suggests a little wager. If Savannah wins, Chase has to pay for her housekeeper for a month. If Chase wins, Savannah will have to pay for brother’s groceries for the month. It’s on, y’all!

Savannah Chrisley The Manager

Savannah needs an artist to manage for her music booking class and Todd has the answer -- him! He had a hit with Sara Evans, remember? In-fi-nite Loooooooooove! Ahem. Anyway, Savannah doesn’t love the idea, but she also doesn’t have much other choice. Of course, “The artist formerly known as Todd Chrisley” is a little -- how do you say? -- high maintenance (shocker). It doesn’t take long for Savannah to decide she’s had enough of her dad’s ‘tude, and she books him a gig at an old folks home. The look on his face when he sees that he’ll be sharing the stage with the bingo caller is totally worth it. But while Todd may be a diva, he’s a professional diva, and he still puts on a great show for his elderly audience.

Welcome To Chez Chase

Chase drafts his P.I.C. Parker to help him prep for the dinner party, but Chase is a little too worried about ruining his shoes to be an effective cook. Luckily, Parker seems to know his way around the kitchen and they get food on the table just in time for their guests to arrive. And surprise, surprise! The dinner party is a success! So successful, in fact, that Todd gives his vote to Chase! That’s free groceries for a month, Savannah. A little advice, Chase -- hire Parker to do all of your cooking from now on!