Truckin' Good Time
S5 episode 19 Aired on November 9, 2017

Hey Fanmily, this week Grayson searches for the words to say he’s sorry, while Julie takes her baking to the public! Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 519, “Truckin’ Good Time.”

Grayson Gets Sassy (And We Don’t Mean Savannah)

Apparently, Grayson has been giving Nanny Faye a full helping of sass lately. We all know Todd doesn’t tolerate heathens, so he orders Grayson to write “I will never be disrespectful to my grandmother again” five hundred times and give it to Faye by way of apology. Better get writing, kid. 

Julie Cooks Up Something Big

Julie strikes up a partnership agreement to have her baked goods featured by a famous Nashville food truck! Julie is especially excited about her idea for the truck: mini cakes with frosting that looks like burgers and fries. However, when the concept proves a little more labor intensive than she expected, Julie starts to feel like she’s in over her head. It doesn’t help that Todd is making snarky comments about his wife’s cake decorating skills. Hey Todd, maybe you should be the one working on an apology!

Julie Takes It Back to Basics

Todd apologizes to Julie; he didn’t mean to hurt her feelings -- he just felt like simple cooking has always been her strong suit, so why try to make it high concept? Julie realizes she was so focused on doing something different that she lost sight of the big picture, so she scraps the burger frosting and goes with cake in a jar. Meanwhile, Grayson finally gives Faye her apology letter, and goes one step further with an apology collage. How nice!

Julie Sells Out

Julie sets up her stand near the food truck, and with whole family pitching Julie moves as much product as possible. Hurray! They got a ton of customers and great feedback. Success sure tastes sweet -- maybe it’s time for Julie to get a truck of her own?