Quit Your Pitchin'
S5 episode 18 Aired on November 2, 2017

It’s a smelly situation when Todd buys Grayson a new puppy against Julie’s wishes. Meanwhile, Todd and Savannah get in over their heads when Todd signs them up for a charity softball game. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 518, “Quit Your Pitchin’”, for all the details! 

Dog Days

After months of listening to Grayson beg, Todd finally caves and buys his boy a puppy. Julie is not pleased because she knows she’s going to get stuck doing all the work, but Todd assures her that he will personally do all the training -- she won’t have to scoop a single poop! We’ll believe it when we see it, Todd. Meanwhile, Todd signs himself and Savannah up to play in a big charity softball game, but he kind of leads the organizers to believe that he and Savannah are excellent players, which…well, we all know what happens when Todd tries to play sports. This should be fun! 

Training Troubles

Todd brings Grayson’s new dog, Dixie, home and gives Gray pretty much the most bare-bones training instructions possible before leaving to go prep for the softball game with Savannah. Is it any surprise that Dixie winds up peeing on the floor? Elsewhere, Todd and Savannah hit the sporting goods store. Todd thinks that if nail they their look then everything will fall into place on the field, but Savannah thinks they should focus more on practice and less on buying matching equipment. 

Coaching Change

Julie is steamed about the dog situation, so Todd begs Chase (that is, pays him) to come train Dixie while he and Savannah continue to prep for the softball game. But Chase doesn’t have much luck whipping Dixie into shape, and as it turns out, brand new gear doesn’t make Todd or Savannah any better at softball. Julie begrudgingly agrees to take over Dixie’s training while Chase takes Todd and Savannah to the batting cage to see if he can work some sort of magic. Miraculously, Chase is able to get them to quit all the sniping (these two are always bitching at each other) and starting making contact with the ball. Maybe this won’t be a complete embarrassment?

Chrisley at the Bat

Game day arrives and Todd is feeling himself -- that is until he sees that the other team is stacked with professional athletes. Todd and Savannah try to keep it positive, though, and they actually do pretty well, even though Todd hits into a game-losing double play. But they had a good time, and Julie thinks Todd wasn’t the worst on the field so…there’s that? Plus, now that the game is over, Todd can finally take over doggy duty, and that makes Julie the biggest winner in our book.