Animal House
S5 episode 16 Aired on October 31, 2017

This week, Julie and Savannah plan a ladies weekend with their new friend Allison while Todd holds down the homestead -- what could go wrong? Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 516, “Animal House.”

Girls Weekend!

Julie, Savannah and their friend Allison are planning a staycation! Julie’s a little worried that Todd won’t be able to handle the house without her, but Todd doesn’t care - in fact, he and Grayson can have their own “Mancation” while the ladies are away (Todd’s idea of a “Mancation” includes lunch and mani-pedis, which is a topic for another time). Or better yet, Grayson can have a friend sleep over! Julie is surprised that Todd is so laid back about the whole thing, especially when two kids becomes four after Allison’s sitter calls in sick. But Todd says he can handle it, and Julie isn’t planning on looking this gift-horse in the mouth. Staycation!

 A Rough Start to the Weekend

The ladies check into their hotel and kick off their staycation! Julie is looking forward to pajamas and room service, but when Allison and Savannah make noise about checking out the rooftop bar, Julie starts to come off like a big wet blanket. Meanwhile, back at the Chrisley homestead, the kids just want to have fun, and when Todd tries to lay down the law he quickly realizes he’s outnumbered and outmatched. With a trip to the zoo on the agenda for the next day, Todd decides to call in his mama for reinforcements.

Todd and Julie Loosen Up

The next day, Todd and Faye hit the zoo with the kids, but Todd would rather bark orders than relax and cut loose, and the kids (and Faye) aren’t having it. Faye and the kids try to ditch the big stick in the mud, and while they don’t get far they, finally make Todd realize that he needs to loosen up and have some fun. Meanwhile, Julie is a little hurt that Savannah thinks Allison is more fun than she is, but she does see Savannah’s point, so she agrees to drop the wet blanket act and head to the bar that night. What do you know? As soon as Julie starts loosening up, she starts to have some fun, too! Seems like this staycation is just what Julie AND Todd needed.