Boys to Men
S5 episode 15 Aired on October 24, 2017

Chase wants to spend his birthday like a baller, but Todd has other plans. Meanwhile, Grayson needs helping preparing for football tryouts. Are Savannah and Julie up for the job? Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 515, “Boys to Men,” for the full scoop!

Chase Is All Grown Up!

Chase is turning 21 and he’s got Gucci wishes and Lamborghini dreams for his birthday, but Todd’s plans are a little more modest. First he takes Chase to get a nice shave (and he doesn’t miss the opportunity to mess with Chase while he’s in the barber’s chair). Then he takes his boy to get fitted for a nice suit. But Chase draws the line when Todd tells him he has a reservation for the two at the best steakhouse in town. For Chase, 21 means turning up in Vegas, not dinner with his dad – sorry, Todd!

Gridiron Grayson

Grayson’s football tryouts are coming up, and since Todd won’t help (probably not a big loss there, Gray) it’s up to Julie and Savannah to get their little man into shape. Julie and Savannah try to run Grayson through some tackling drills, but while they mean well, the truth is that they really don’t have the first clue about what they’re doing, and Grayson eventually quits in frustration.

A New Perspective

Todd simply doesn’t get why Chase would rather head off to Vegas than spend his birthday with his daddy. Meanwhile, Julie can’t understand why Grayson would quit football. But it turns out that Grayson didn’t quit football -- he just quit Julie’s bootleg practice session. And you know what? Julie is okay with that. Elsewhere, Chase gains a new perspective of his own when Faye explains that Todd didn’t get to enjoy a 21st birthday with his father. Maybe spending 21 with Todd isn’t so bad after all, huh, Chase?

Happy Endings All Around

Grayson hits football tryouts with extra focus and of course he kills it -- did we ever have any doubts? Meanwhile, Chase takes Todd up on his dinner offer, and Todd is very proud of his grown up boy. It also turns out that the whole family is there to surprise Chase. And Todd has two more surprises for his son: a brand new Rolex, and a flight to Las Vegas. It seems that Chase got everything he dreamed of and more for his 21st. Happy Birthday, Chase!