Runaways and Segways
S5 episode 14 Aired on October 17, 2017

This week, Faye tries to get a job as a Segway tour guide. Meanwhile, Savannah and Todd are hired to host a fashion show for a good cause, but their egos get the best of them. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 514, “Runaways and Segways." 

Faye’s Segway Dreams

Faye wants to be a Segway tour guide, and all Todd has to say to that is hell to the naw -- she’ll break her damn hip! But Chase has 100% faith in his Nanny, so he makes a little wager with his doubting dad: if Faye can get a job as a tour guide, Todd will have to shave his head. If she doesn’t, well, Chase will have to shave his feet (apparently there’s real a hobbit situation going on down there). It turns out that Faye is natural on the Segway. The guide part of the job, though…that’s when things get a little trickier. It seems she doesn’t really know that much about Nashville. Chase and Julie try to give Faye a crash course in the Music City. Will it take?

Todd And Savannah’s Fashion Feuding

The Boys & Girls Club is holding a fashion show featuring kids from their program to raise awareness, and they’ve hired Todd and Savannah to host. It’s a gig that SHOULD be right up there alley -- styling the kids, showing them how to walk the runway, and of course emceeing the show -- but the Chrisley competitive streak starts to get the best of them and they spend more time sniping at each other than mentoring (it doesn’t help that the kids seem to like all of Savannah’s styling choices better than Todd’s). When the dress rehearsal devolves into a walk-off between Todd and Savannah, the program directors begin to wonder if they made the wrong choice, leaving Julie mortified.

Faye Hits The Sidewalk

The day of Faye’s job audition rolls around (get it? Rolls? Segway? HAAAAAA!). Is she ready? We sure hope so, because it turns out she’s going to have to give her own family a tour to land the job! As usual, Todd is on his worst behavior, and Faye has a tough time fielding all his questions. But when Todd finally shuts up for a minute and lets Faye talk she actually does a pretty good job leading the tour -- good enough to get hired by the company, as it turns out! But Faye declines; the prospect of dealing with people like Todd all day has soured her interest in the job. And of course, Todd reneges on his end of the bargain, too. Typical Todd.

Todd And Savannah Check Their Egos

When Julie puts Todd and Savannah on notice that they need to get their act together and put their egos aside, Todd realizes that it’s time for him to put the claws away and let Savannah shine. Todd lets Savannah take the lead and the fashion show winds up going off without a hitch - the kids look great, they have a great time, and nary a catty comment is thrown. Todd can happily say he’s proud of his little girl, no shade.