Prank Master
S5 episode 11 Aired on September 26, 2017

Todd sets Savannah up on the internship from hell to teach her the value of an education. Meanwhile, Faye takes Todd to prank school. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 511, “Prank Master.” 

Savannah Wants a Study Break

Savannah is thinking of quitting school; see, she plans to go into music management and she’s really not even sure if she needs a degree for that. All Todd and Julie have to say is, Hell No! They’ve worked too damn hard for their kids to not go to college. But fine, if Savannah wants a taste of the real world, Todd is happy to give it to her. Very happy.

Pranking the Prank Master

Remember that time Todd pranked his mama with a fake arrest? Well, Faye definitely hasn’t forgotten about that one, and she plans to get revenge or die trying. But Todd is the (self proclaimed) prank master, y’all, and if Faye wants to get him back she’ll have to do a lot better than the old snake-in-a can. A lot better. 

Savannah Goes to Work

Todd gets Savannah a job working for big time country songwriter Shane Mcanally and his husband Michael. Savannah is excited to be working for one of Nashville’s power players, but if she thinks she’s going to be in the studio with Kenny Chesney her first day on the job then she has another thing coming. Todd has makes it clear to Shane that he should be extra hard on Savannah; by the time this day is done, Todd wants his daughter running back to school. 

The Revenge of Nanny Faye

Faye calls Todd with some disturbing news; it seems she borrowed money at the casino and lost big, to the tune of 20K! As you can guess, Todd’s blood pressure is through the roof - which, as it turns out, is all part of Faye’s prank plan. She didn’t lose any money, she just got Todd exactly where she wants him. But it gets better: Faye hires an actor to pose as a tattooed tough guy sent to the Chrisley house to collect on Faye’s debt, one way or another. Todd practically loses his sh*t, and that’s when Faye pulls the rug out - GOTCHA!!!

Savannah Learns Her Lesson

Shane and Michael put Savannah through her paces, and Todd sticks around just to stir the pot for good measure. Of course, Savannah knows what her father is up to and she’s determined not to let him break her, but after a full day of babysitting Shane’s kids, running errands and skimming pools she’s pretty much wiped - and pissed. Did her father really need to go overboard just to teach her another lesson? Todd admits that he was hard on Savannah, but he wanted to show her that starting at the bottom without a college degree won’t be easy. And you know what, Savannah gets it. School isn’t looking so bad after all.