Twisted Sisters
S5 episode 10 Aired on September 19, 2017

Big things happening in Chrisley-ville this week! Faye’s sister comes for a visit, but Todd threatens to put a damper on the fun before it can start. Meanwhile, Julie’s plan to sell Savannah’s house for her hits a snag or two. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 510, “Twisted Sister.” 

Julie and Savannah Make a Plan to Sell a House

Julie wants to get back into the real estate game, and the timing couldn’t be better -- it turns out that Savannah wants to sell her house ASAP so she can downsize to a condo, and she’s already talked to an agent. Julie proposes that Savannah cut her agent loose, and she can take the listing -- that way, Julie gets back in the game quick and Savannah saves a little cash on the commission. We love a win-win!

Faye’s Sister Comes to Town

Faye misses her sister Francis something fierce, so Todd brings her down from Atlanta for a girls weekend. What a son! Todd even offers to chauffeur the ladies around, but after brunch, the mall, and the thrift store he starts to regret his decision -- don’t they ever need a nap? Meanwhile, all of Todd’s grumblings start to get on Faye and Francis’ nerves, and when Todd tries to put a cap on their drinking at the winery, the ladies tell Todd to pack up the wet blanket act and go home -- they’ll find their own ride.

Julie and Savannah’s Plan Hits a Snag

Soooo, it turns out that Julie’s real estate license doesn’t carry over to Tennessee. But rather than worry Savannah, Julie will just try to find a time to take the licensing exam again, no biggie. Meanwhile, Savannah’s current agent gets an offer on the house that’s too good to pass up, but Savannah can’t bring herself to tell Julie that she won’t get the listing after all. As for Todd, well, he refuses to get in the middle of this mess (but he’ll take a front row seat for when the whole thing inevitably fall apart).

 Todd Joins in the Fun

Julie makes Todd apologize to his mother and Francis for being overbearing, meddling, rude…you know, Todd. Francis accepts his apology and says he can make it up by having a special family dinner -- special because Todd will have to wear a, um, “stunning” red silk shirt that she and Faye picked up just for him at the thrift shop. Todd is a good sport about it (really!) and rocks the shimmery shirt, and they have a great dinner. The things we do for family, right?

The Truth Comes Out

Julie learns Savannah didn’t cut her agent loose, and she’s pissed -- how could Savannah lie to her! (Kettle? There’s a Pot on the line for you…) Savannah eventually apologizes to her mother for not telling her about the offer, and Julie accepts…and then launches into a confession about her licensing woes. Guess Julie owes Savannah an apology of her own, huh? The ladies decide that the two lies can cancel each other out -- no harm, no foul. As for Todd, well, he thinks they’re both shady as hell.