50 Shades of Faye
S5 episode 1 Aired on February 21, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for "50 Shades of Faye"

Todd gets way too involved in his mother’s social life, while Savannah and Chase try to furnish their new homes. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best’s fifth season premiere, “50 Shades of Faye!"

Mother Smother

Todd complains that it’s the kids’ fault he’s going gray, but come on -- we all know Todd loves to worry. And now that Savannah and Chase are out of the house, all that worry is falling squarely on Faye’s shoulders. See, Faye likes living in Nashville but her heart is back in Atlanta, and Todd thinks she would be a little less lonely if she had something to keep her busy. Todd’s picturing a church social group, but Faye has something else in mind and signs up for a dating app. Everyone in the family is supportive of Faye getting back out there. Everyone, that is, except Todd. Fine, if Faye’s going to be dating, then Todd is playing chaperone.

Chase Goes Couch Crazy

Savannah and Chase need furniture for their new homes and Todd has a storage unit filled to the ceiling, but they’re going to have to pay to play. Money talks, y’all! Todd auctions off his old furniture to the highest bidder and Savannah consistently outbids her brother. But Chase is just slow-playing it until the thing he really wants come up on the block: the couch. He should have measured before he opened his mouth, though, because when he gets back to Atlanta the couch won’t fit in the elevator! Aargh! Chase tries to pawn it off on his dad and his sister but they aren’t buying, and in the end he gives it to his Nanny so he’ll look like a good guy (keyword: LOOK).

Todd the Chaperone

Julie and Lindsie help Faye go clothing shopping for her dates. Yup, that’s dateSSSS. Plural. Todd didn’t even know that Faye had set up a single date without telling him, let alone multiple dates in the same evening, and you can bet he’s not pleased. Sure enough, Todd interrupts Faye’s first date and chases the gentleman off with his incessant questioning. That’s okay -- Faye has another one locked and loaded. Luckily, this guy knows how to play Todd a little better. Later, Faye has some much needed words for her son about his smothering, and what do you know, he’s actually kind of receptive! And anyway, Todd shouldn’t worry too much. See, Faye just wants a friend; she’s not interested in the benefits.

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