Chase In Charge
S4 episode 9 Aired on May 24, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


Julie and Todd are heading to LA so that Julie can get liposuction (you do you, gurl!), which means Chase and Savannah are staying behind to mind the Juice Bar. Frankly, Todd and Julie are not sure that the business (or Nashville) will survive. Chase announces that he’s quite happy to take the reins, as he sees himself as a natural leader. But the truth is that Chase would much rather be doing anything else, and he quickly puts Grayson behind the counter to do his work (that’s delegating -- like a boss!).


Todd and Julie meet with the doctor to prepare for the lipo procedure. Julie’s excited to get it over with and enjoy the new her, but Todd’s Nervous Nelly side is acting up. Plus, he’s squeamish, and he’s pretty sure he’s going to throw up when he sees the fat coming out. If that isn’t enough, the doctor tells them that Julie can’t fly home for three days after the procedure. That adds an extra day to Chase’s tenure as Juice Bar boss, and Todd is pretty sure the kids will end up in jail by then. As Julie points out, at least then they’ll know where the kids are.


Chase doesn’t like the idea of Todd and Julie staying away for an extra day -- he’s got things to do! Chase makes an executive decision and hires another employee to do his work -- Nanny Faye! Savannah reminds Chase that their dad isn’t going to be happy if he finds out about this (just let the boy dig his own hole, Savannah), but Chase flexes his boss muscles.


It’s the day of Julie’s procedure, and as promised, Todd is freaking out. When the doctor gleefully uses the word “juicy” to describe all the fluid coming out of Julie, Todd decides to step out for everyone’s sake. The next day, Todd and Julie get a little exercise and Todd checks in on the kids. Surprise, surprise, Chase is nowhere to be found (apparently, he’s at a “business meeting”). Todd decides that for the good of the Juice Bar, he’s going home early.


All of his bossing at the Juice Bar has really got Chase stressed out, so he decides to light some scented candles, adjust the massage setting on his parents’ bed, and indulge in a little relaxation time. He’s rudely interrupted by a call from Todd, who is checking in to make sure Chase is doing what he’s supposed to (you know, running the store). Chase uses some quick thinking to throw his dad off the scent, but he doesn’t realize that his dad is already on to him. Todd flies back early, and when he shows up at the Juice Bar and sees that Chase isn’t there you can bet he’s not thrilled. Todd makes Savannah call Chase to get him back to work, and you can practically hear Chase’s stomach drop when his dad walks out of the kitchen. Todd hands Chase a mop and locks him in the Juice Bar for the night. Looks like Todd won’t be passing on the keys to the family business anytime soon.