Smoothie Operator
S4 episode 8 Aired on May 17, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


The Chrisleys are opening a Juice Bar! Todd and Julie hope their new venture will help them put solid roots down in their new home town, and more importantly, teach the kids a little bit about responsibility. But Chase doesn’t know about all of this working stuff, and he definitely doesn’t know about the Juice Bar uniforms. Todd and Julie are going to have their work cut out for them to get these kids excited about the new family business.


The Chrisleys go through orientation to learn how the juice is made, and Todd and Julie really hope the kids find their work ethic. Corporate sends in some test customers, and while Savannah soars, Chase thinks it’s more fun to play with the rubber gloves and spray Todd with the dish sprayer. Keep looking for that work ethic, Chase.


Faye is in town to watch Grayson while the family sets up the juice bar. It turns out that Grayson owes Faye 20 dollars from a bet he lost, and she wants him to pay up (she’d just hate to see his kneecaps broken). Grayson knows darn well not to mess with his Nanny Faye, so he asks Todd to help him pay his debt. As you might expect, Todd is not thrilled that his own mother is corrupting his baby boy, and he tells them both to cut it out.


With two days until the grand opening, Todd and Chase dress up as a banana and a carrot and try to raise awareness. Meanwhile, Faye leans on Grayson again, and when he agrees to a double-or-nothing game of War -- and loses -- Nanny makes off with her grandson’s iPad. Annoyed, Todd decides he’s got to put Faye AND Grayson to work in order to keep them both out of trouble. Meanwhile, Todd comes down on Chase for not taking the juice bar seriously, and in the end Chase sees the light and promises to put his charm to good use at the opening.


The big day arrives, and everyone is nervous. Todd puts Faye and Grayson into watermelon and orange costumes and sends them out to drum up business while everyone else preps for the opening. Things get off to a rocky start with the first customer, but the family finally gets their act together and even Chase steps up, smooth-talking some of the female customers and generally acting like a model employee instead of, you know, Chase. Maybe there is a future in this juice bar after all!