Moving On
S4 episode 6 Aired on April 12, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


So long, Hot’lanta! The family is picking up sticks and heading to Nashville to be closer to Todd’s favorite child (let’s be honest here, everyone). But Grayson isn’t happy about the move; he wants to stay in Atlanta at his school with his friends. Poor little guy! Julie decides to make Gray’s last week in Atlanta special and asks the rest of the family to get on board, but Savannah is kind of hesitant because, in her opinion, Grayson is super-spoiled (and maybe she’s just a little jealous. Who’s the favorite now?).


Chase and Parker do a little shoe shopping, but apparently Chase’s wallet is too light for him to ball sufficiently. When Parker mentions that he knows a guy who makes money donating to sperm banks (ewww!), Chase thinks he may have hit on the solution to his problem. Of course, Todd and Julie don’t like this plan one bit, and they’re pretty sure they’ll be brought up on charges for helping to bring so many mini-Chases into the world if he goes through with it.


Operation: Cheer Up Grayson continues at the indoor trampoline park -- it’s a thing, and we want one -- where Grayson and his friends run wild. Julie volunteers Savannah to babysit Grayson and his friends that night, but Savannah is still acting put out.  Come on, Sassy, don’t you remember what it was like to be 10? The fun continues that night at Casa del Chrisley, but Grayson the Angel becomes Grayson the Demon when he gets around his friends, and Savannah has a hard time mustering sympathy for her baby bro after she gets used for Nerf target practice.


Despite Todd’s warning, Chase continues to pursue the idea of donating his “stuff” in order to make sneaker money. He and his PIC Parker make a visit to the clinic to meet with the doctor, but it’s not quite what they were expecting -- less strip club, more…well, more doctor’s office. Plus, it turns out they’re only offering $100 bucks a pop, and they’ll have to “abstain” for three days before each “collection” (ewwww, again). Meanwhile, Todd sets up a little demonstration for Chase -- a wall of dolls representing all of the children he’ll have in the world if he goes through with this. It’s okay though, Chase has already decided it’s not for him -- too much work, not enough reward (we’re betting it’s the three days that got him).


Savannah is still feeling salty about the previous evening’s adventures in babysitting, but after another talk from Julie, she starts to come around to her duties as a good older sister.  She even gets Grayson a special memento to help him remember all of the friends he’s leaving behind in the move. How sweet!

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