Runaway Faye
S4 episode 5 Aired on April 5, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


After learning about Faye’s latest trip to the casino, Todd cues up another lecture on her lifestyle. But when he discovers that Faye is hobbling around on a crutch after breaking her foot, he decides it’s time for a Todd-tervention and basically abducts Nanny Faye to come live with him until she recuperates. Sure, Todd has his mother’s best interest at heart, but all of his rules start to make Faye feel less like a patient and more like a prisoner.


Todd and Julie are getting tired of Grayson plugging in and tuning out all the time so they give him a choice: take up an instrument or start doing chores. Of course, Big Baby Gray is used to getting his way and he figures a firm “no” will dead all this crazy talk. Grayson balks when Todd puts a broom in his hand and tells him to clean the garage, but Todd has never backed down from a stubborn kid before, and things get real when the broom goes away and the toilet scrubber comes out.


Faye gets tired of Todd’s iron fist -- who’s the momma here, anyway? -- and she calls up the Chrisley who knows a thing or two about getting around Todd’s rules: Chase. He rides in to jailbreak Nanny Faye (and Grayson, who has decided that his life goals don’t involve doing chores). Unfortunately, their great escape hits a wall when Todd catches them in the getaway car. Todd is furious, so Julie has to step in to remind Todd that Faye hasn’t become their new child now that Chase and Savannah are gone. In the end, Todd agrees to let his momma live her life, as long as she remembers he’s right around the corner should she ever need help.


Faced with a lifetime of scrubbing toilets, Grayson wisely gives in and agrees to play a musical instrument if his parents will ease up on the chores. Todd and Julie are happy to hear that their son has come around, until they realize what instrument Grayson wants to play: drums! Old man Todd ain’t havin’ all that noise, but luckily Julie finds an electronic drum kit that Grayson can use with his headphones. Guess being plugged in isn’t such a bad thing after all!