Lights, Camera, Chase!
S4 episode 4 Aired on March 29, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


Chase isn’t so into his college classes, but he’s getting fired up about his upcoming interview for an internship at a local TV station. See, Chase plans on being the next Oprah and Ryan Seacrest rolled into one -- #roprah -- and he figures that with his looks and attitude, he’s ready to host his own TV show right now. Todd is glad to see his son take a little initiative, but he also knows Chase has never really been on an interview, let alone had a job that his father didn’t set up for him (and we all remember how that went). Chase would like to handle his own business like a grown-ass man, but -- while Todd briefly considers it -- he decides instead to crash Chase’s interview to make sure things go smoothly. 


Nanny Faye has been a little down lately, so Julie takes her out to lunch to lift her spirits. The ladies quickly take a liking to their Italian waiter, Enrico, and Faye decides to see if the young stud has a grandfather back home. But Faye can’t get into a long-distance relationship if she doesn’t speak Italian; how will she know how to ask for Boochie-Coochie? Her words, not ours, folks. 


Chase is excited to start his first day of work, but it turns out he’ll need to help wrangle all kinds of animals for a local TV show and… well, you know Chase and wildlife. Our little germaphobe manages to get through it, even though his skin is crawling, but the whole thing has him a bit down. He wants to host his own TV show, not scoop kangaroo poop! Todd tells Chase that if he wants something, he needs to ask for it. Chase realizes his dad is right, but he also kind of wants his dad to shut the hell up and let him make his own moves. 


Julie and Faye try to pick up a little Italian with a computer program, but Faye is not what you’d call a natural linguist, so they ask Enrico to come over and give Faye a few lessons. Savannah definitely likes what she sees. Todd…not so much, especially when Enrico offers to take the three Chrisley ladies on a guided tour of Italy. But Todd eventually lets Faye meet up with Enrico for a Skype session with his grandfather, Guido. And it turns out that Faye has actually learned a little Italian! But only un po’, as they say. As for Todd, he thinks it’s fine… as long as there’s an ocean between Faye and her new friend. 


Chase ends up taking Todd’s advice, and what do you know -- it works! Chase is getting his own show. Chase gathers a panel of Atlanta’s brightest young minds (OK, two of his friends and Savannah) to talk about the hot-button issues. Their first topic? Helicopter parents, something Chase definitely knows a thing or two about. And speak of the devil, Todd shows up to check in on his boy, and when he sees what the kids are up to, he decides to make a surprise appearance on the show. Of course, Chase is used to his father’s meddling, so he handles it like a pro and the broadcast is a success -- maybe this kid has a career ahead of him after all! #roprah!