A Very Grisly Chrisley
S4 episode 26 Aired on November 1, 2016

Warning: Contains spoilers for “A Very Grisly Chrisley

Halloween Hilarity

It’s Halloween! Julie wants to enter their neighborhood house-decorating contest so they can finally meet their Nashville neighbors. She also wants to make all the decorations from scratch, but Todd says “Naaaaaaaaw” to that. Winners don’t make their own decorations; they buy them. He also sends Chase and Grayson on a covert op to spy on the competition, which nearly backfires, and Julie is none too pleased when she finds out. Listen, lady, you knew what you were getting into when you married him.

Lindsie’s Dilemma

Lindsie and Faye come out to help with the decorating, and Lindsie has a case of the sads because she and Will are separating. Say it ain’t so! Lindsie isn’t sure how she’s going to break the news to her parents, but, of course, they understand. Heck, Todd went through a divorce himself so he’s right there with her. He tells her that the important thing is that she get through this as best she can, and that she can always come to him for anything she needs. Family!

Nightmare on Chrisley Street

As evening approaches, the family puts the finishing touches on the decorations and get into their costumes, then head off to tour the other houses in the neighborhood. The competition is stiff, and the Chrisleys give it everything they’ve got, and although the wind up getting honorable mention (as Julie notes, they lose to family who went totally homemade), they all had a great time. And most importantly, they finally met their neighbors. Happy Halloween, y’all!