The House That Todd Built
S4 episode 25 Aired on November 1, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers for “The House That Todd Built

The Chrisleys Give Back

Todd is starting to think the kids are just too damn wrapped up in their own worlds (and their phones), so he signs the whole family up for some charity work to remind them that they need to lend others a hand every once in a while. The Chrisleys are going to help remodel and redecorate the home of a single mother raising a daughter with special needs. The family is up to the challenge, but Todd just stands there “supervising” while everyone else sweats. By the end of the day the kids have pretty much had it with their dad, and Julie warns Todd that he needs to quit criticizing and start leading by example, or he’s going to have an insurrection on his hands.

Digging Up the Family Tree

Grayson has to make a family tree for school, but Faye’s claim that she’s part Cherokee has Todd’s branches in a twist. Todd orders a few DNA home test kits so they can get to the bottom of this, and it doesn’t take long to get the results back. Sure enough, Faye doesn’t have an ounce of Native American in her blood. Todd is so excited to finally put this craziness to rest -- the only thing better than learning you’re right is getting to say “I told you so.” Right, Todd?

Todd Learns a Lesson

The family goes back to work the next day, and Todd decides to take Julie’s advice and put his back into it… sort of. At least he’s nicer, even if he’s still doing more “supervising” than working. In the end, everything comes together and the kids agree their father picked up his slack. And more importantly, the Chrisleys were able to help a family in need. Later that night, Todd tells the kids how proud they’ve made him. He also has a little news for his mama, but instead of dropping his truth bomb he tells her she was right all along: she’s part Cherokee! Faye is so happy to be vindicated, and Julie is so proud of Todd for letting Nanny Faye have her happiness, even if it’s not necessarily the truth. Guess there are some things that feel better than saying “I told you so.” Right, Todd?