Rent Controlled
S4 episode 24 Aired on October 25, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Savannah steps up

Big things are popping off! Todd and Savannah head to NYC to meet with Giuliana Rancic and Tiger J about getting Savannah’s new fashion line off the ground, and Todd couldn’t be more proud of his little girl! Now that Savannah is becoming a business woman, she feels like it’s time to step up and move into a house of her own -- which means Todd’s going to be supplying the down payment, of course. Todd, Julie and Savannah do a little house-hunting back in Nashville and it doesn’t take long for Savannah to find her dream home, but Todd’s micromanaging soon has Savannah feeling like she needs to weigh other options.

Grayson on the grind

Grayson has to take a job as a paperboy when he winds up running up a big bill on the family’s data plan. Chase can’t stand the sight of his baby bro working so hard, so he suggests Grayson rent out his video games and DVDs to the other kids in the neighborhood. Chase schools his little brother on Door-to-Door 101, and it isn’t long before Grayson lands his first customer. Of course, Chase always has a scheme up his sleeve, and he demands 10% from Grayson for supplying the idea.

House-hunting blues

Savannah tells Chase that their father’s controlling ways are standing between her and the house she wants, so Chase suggests she come take a look at the condo his friend is trying to sell. Savannah should have known it’s a total bro pad, not to mention it’s way too expensive since Savannah has decided she won’t be taking her father’s money. So how’s she going to buy a place? Well, she’ll figure it out. Chase thinks she’s crazy for that one, though, and he let’s Todd know that his daughter is off the reservation.

The art of the side-deal

The orders start pouring in for Grayson’s rental service, but Chase pulls a fast one and ups his take to 15%. It was his idea, after all. Grayson isn’t so sure about his silent partner, but he is happy to be able to pay back some of what he owes his father. And Todd is quite happy to receive payment, although he doesn’t know whether to be sketched out or impressed by his sons’ scheming, especially when Grayson brokers a side deal with him to cut Chase out of the equation. Looks like the student just became the master.

The great compromise

Todd and Savannah finally have it out over the money for the house. It’s not that Savannah isn’t interested in a loan from the Bank of Todd; she just doesn’t want all the strings that come attached to it. If Savannah is the one borrowing the money, she should also be able to spend it on what she wants. Todd can respect that, so he agrees to lend Savannah the money and back off, as long as she pays him back in a timely manner. And if not, he’ll send Nanny Faye to break her kneecaps. Hmm, that sounds less like a bank and more like a loan shark.

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