Truth or Chair
S4 episode 23 Aired on October 18, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


With Faye still feeling blue after the death of her friend Catherine, Todd decides it might be a good time to move mama in with him so he can keep a closer eye on her. Faye wonders what there is for her to do in Nashville and Chase suggests that he find her a job, but she wants to keep an open mind about the move. However, no sooner does Faye arrive than Todd begins complaining about her lamps. And her rugs. And her vases. And her giant plastic recliner. After half a day of listening to her son bitch about how she’s polluting the sanctity of his design scheme, Faye is good and ready to take Chase up on that job.


Chase thinks his whole family is a pack of liars, and none worse than his dear old daddy, so he decides to hire a polygraph examiner to get to the bottom of a few things. Todd agrees to the idea, but only if Chase will take the polygraph, too. And to make things interesting, whoever gets caught telling more tall tales will have to run around the outside of the house in their underwear. Twice. Chase is game, and the two strap in to put their truthfulness to the test. While the session is revealing - Chase routinely steals Todd’s clothes; Todd was never actually a Calvin Klein model - Todd gets caught in way more lies than Chase. Like, so many more. Looks like Todd is doing the undie run. Victory is bittersweet for Chase, though - he really thought his dad had been a Calvin Klein model!


Faye takes a job working the drive-thru at Todd’s favorite chicken joint, but she’s not exactly what you’d call a model employee - a little too slow, and a little too lippy. Meanwhile, Todd isn’t too keen on his mom being out of the house instead of at home under his very watchful eye, so he decides to go have a talk with her (but not before having a little fun with her in the drive-thru). His heart breaks a little, though, when he hears that all of his complaining about Faye’s stuff has made his mother feel like a burden. There you go again, Todd! Todd decides the best course of action is to get Faye an apartment close by. That way, his mother can have her space and be independent, and Todd can still keep an eye on her without seeing her recliner every day. Sounds like a win-win.