Pretty In Print
S4 episode 22 Aired on October 11, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Todd Gets Ugly

Guess which 48-year-old father of five just got named to Nashville Lifestyle Magazine’s 25 Most Beautiful People issue? Todd, for one, is not surprised that he’s being recognized for his God-given looks, but he’s seizing the opportunity to peacock around a little more than usual. However, Todd’s feathers get ruffled when Julie tells him that Savannah has ALSO been named to the list, and it doesn’t take long for the talons to come out.

Swag, Interrupted

Chase announces he’s had it with school; he just wants to get his real estate flex on. But Todd didn’t work so hard for his son to NOT go to college, and he tells him if he doesn’t pass the real estate exam then it’s back to class. When Todd’s lack of faith throws salt in Chase’s swagger, Julie takes her boy out for a real-life real estate tutorial to help boost his confidence. Sure enough, Chase starts to feel his mojo again. Later, Todd tells Chase he does have faith in him -- but he also wants his son to go to college so he can have the advantages that Todd never did. He’s got a point, Chase. 

Chrisley v. Chrisley

Annoyed that her father is being so competitive, Savannah decides to have a little fun with him before their 25 Most Beautiful photo shoot. Sassy takes her dad for a beauty refresher that includes a snake venom facial and freezing cold cryotherapy. Todd is shivering mad by the time they’re done. He goes full diva during his daughter’s photo shoot and gets so snarky that Savannah ends up walking out. Oops -- maybe Todd went a little too far? 


Todd and Savannah have it out and come to an understanding. Yes, maybe Savannah should have been upfront with her father about being named to the 25. And yes, maybe (definitely) Todd should (definitely) not have been so threatened by his own daughter. After apologizing for being so ugly to each other, Todd and Savannah go back to finish the shoot, and even take a few great shots together. Chrisleys united -- what’s more beautiful than that?