Crowning Around
S4 episode 21 Aired on October 11, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Vegas, Chrisley Style

The Chrisleys are headed to Las Vegas for the Miss Teen USA Pageant! Todd is happy to be in tow since he missed the last pageant, and Faye is just excited to be at the casino. Of course, Todd wants to keep the sin out of Sin City so he puts Chase on Faye duty. Chase watching Faye? Isn’t that a little bit like leaving the fox to watch the henhouse? Vegas!!! 

Julie’s Jitters, Savannah’s Headache

Pageant prep is in full swing and tensions are high. Julie is officially freaking out that her girl is going to let things slip, but Todd tries to tell her not to overreact (Hello, Pot? We have Kettle on the line for you.) Meanwhile, Savannah is super-nervous, and she doesn’t appreciate it when her parents ambush her on her lunch break to run her through a pageant boot camp. As if Sassy doesn’t have enough on her plate, now she has to deal with her parents undermining her confidence? Needless to say, it doesn’t go so well. 

A Grandson’s Duty

Chase tries to keep an eye on Faye but that old woman moves quick and it doesn’t take long for her to find a seat at the blackjack table. They both take a tongue-lashing from Todd for that one, so they decide to play it safe with a gondola ride, but Faye’s thoughts soon turn to her recently deceased friend Catherine. Faye is really hurting! Chase realizes the best thing he can do for his Nanny is help her cut loose, so he takes her to an all-male strip show! The tears disappear when Faye catches sight of all that beefcake, and she even gets brought up on stage for a private show. Vegas!!! 

The Big Moment Arrives

After the pageant boot camp fiasco, Julie and Todd realize they need to just chill out and let Sassy take it from here. They apologize to their daughter, and after Todd goes to collect Chase and Faye (who have been sipping champagne in the presidential suite -- but that’s a story for another time), the whole family takes their seats as the pageant begins. Hearts are racing but Savannah kills it onstage and makes it through to the semifinals. She can’t quite crack the top five, though. It’s rough, especially on Grayson, who was really pulling for his big sis. The whole family rallies around Savannah to lift her spirits. She worked hard and she wanted it bad, but luckily she has the love of her family to help her through this defeat.