Message In A Bottle Rocket
S4 episode 20 Aired on October 4, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Wilderness Chrisleys

It’s the Fourth of July, and Todd’s taking the whole family back to nature! Don’t worry, Julie, Todd’s idea of getting back to nature involves luxury cabins and a spa on premises (there’s bugs and stuff, though, so it’s sort of like camping). The whole family (plus Parker, who is fast becoming the son Todd never wanted) settles into their rusticated digs and then meets up around the campfire to roast gourmet marshmallows. When everyone argues over which of them would actually survive in the wilderness, Todd drops the news that they’ll get to prove it the next day when they all take part in a little friendly competition. Game on, y’all! 

The Game Begins

The family breaks up into teams (Savannah and Lindsie; Julie and Grayson; Todd and Faye; Chase and Parker) and get the rundown on their search-and-rescue-themed scavenger hunt. Trash is talked and the teams peel off to find the first clue, but Chase and Parker have no interest -- it’s the 4th of July, shouldn’t they all be at the lake, setting off fireworks and having fun? While everyone else is busy racing around, Chase and Parker head to the fireworks store to stock up on supplies, then retire to the pool area for a bit of relaxation (mmm, lavender mint scented cold towels). 

Game Off

It turns out the Chrisleys aren’t as wilderness-adept as they thought -- Lindsie and Savannah are directionally challenged, Faye spends more time looking for flowers than for clues, and Julie can’t help having fun with Grayson’s fear of snakes. When Savannah and Lindsie decide to steal another team’s clue, it sets off a chain of cheating through the rest of the family. The whole hunt ends in squabbling, and Todd isn’t too pleased to learn Chase and Parker ditched out -- looks like the competition drove the family apart instead of bringing them together. Luckily, Chase and Parker’s fireworks display provides a much-needed distraction from all the arguing and provides the family bonding Todd was after. Happy Fourth, y’all!

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