The Wrath Of Todd
S4 episode 2 Aired on March 15, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


Chase and his partner in crime Parker head to the tattoo parlor to finally get Chase that ink he’s been so desperately wanting – he’s a grown-ass man, he lives on his own, and it’s his body, so he can do what he wants.  Plus, he’s going to get a bible verse, and Todd can’t object to that, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Anyway, Chase is caught off guard by how much the needle hurts and asks Parker to hold his hand. He’s also caught off guard when Parker snapchats a pic of the two of them at the tattoo parlor and Savannah shows Todd. Needless to say, Todd is not pleased.


How can a girl with two good Christian parents and a minister for a grandfather be failing bible class? That’s what Todd and Julie want to know when they see Savannah’s latest grades from college. To Todd and Julie, an F in Bible might as well mean eternal damnation. Julie takes matters into her own hands and tries to tutor her heathen daughter, but when it turns out that Julie could also use a refresher on the good book herself (what do they say about casting the first stone, Julie?), the Chrisleys turn to their pastor for guidance. Pastor Mike suggests Savannah follow in their man JC’s footsteps and give back, so Savannah steps in to teach Sunday school. It’s touch and go at first, but Savannah manages to impart a little wisdom to her class. Maybe there’s hope for her soul after all!


While Savannah is getting right with God, Todd tries to get Chase back on the path of virtue. Lucky for Todd, his son isn’t a complicated guy, and after dangling the promise of a new Range Rover in front of his nose, it doesn’t take long for Chasey-poo to crack. Soon, Todd is gleefully videoing his son as he undergoes the first of many, many very painful tattoo removal procedures. We bet Chase wishes Parker was there to hold his hand again. Luckily, he has the smooth ride and luxurious interior of his new car to ease his pain. And Todd? Well, it turns out that Chase’s screams of agony make a great new ringtone. And that’s worth all the Range Rovers in the world.