Review and Renew
S4 episode 18 Aired on September 20, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Marketing Mess

The juice bar has only two Yelp reviews to its name, which means it might as well have zero reviews. Time for a marketing makeover! Chase wants a billboard, while Savannah wants to focus on something that will help them go viral. Todd actually thinks his kids are on to something, but he wants to do a commercial. And he wants to handle the concept. And the props. And he wants to direct. And you know damn well he wants to pick out the costumes. In other words, this is now officially a Todd Chrisley joint. Chase still thinks they should get a billboard.

Cat Scratch Fever

Julie and her BFF Lea meet up for some retail therapy, and Lea asks Julie what she knows about vaginal rejuvenation. Yes, Lea is thinking about getting some work done on her hoo-ha region, and she wants Julie to be her wing-woman at the doctor’s office to help her decide. Julie just joins for moral support, but the more the ladies hear and see (and they see A LOT), the more she takes a shine to the idea of tidying up downstairs. The question is, what will Todd say? The answer is, don’t do it, honey. Todd’s been happy with Julie’s equipment for twenty-two years, and as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Lights, Camera… Catastrophe

Savannah thinks her friend Chad, a video major at Auburn, can help with the commercial, but Todd doesn’t want outsiders watering down his vision! The stage and props are a little janky, though, and the costumes are kind of whack, and Todd can’t seem to get the performances he wants from his actors (that would be Chase, Savannah, Faye and Grayson). In short, the whole thing is a mess. Todd finally lets Savannah bring in Chad, and with a little tweaking, he manages to take a complete disaster and turn it into a minor fiasco, so… win for Team Chrisley? The finished product certainly has its shaggy charm. Chase still thinks they need to get a billboard, though.