You Can't Handle The Truce
S4 episode 17 Aired on September 13, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Bad Blood

Can you believe it’s been two years since Todd spoke to Lindsie’s husband, Will? Lindsie sure can’t, and now that she’s thinking of having another baby, she’s decided enough is enough. Todd says he’s all good with a reconciliation -- he just doesn’t see why he has to make the first move (yes, Todd is still sore about Will not asking for Todd’s blessing to marry his daughter). Fine, since Todd won’t be an adult, Lindsie sets up a lunch for the two grown baby-men to hash out their differences.

Grayson’s Big Problem

Grayson’s got something new on his mind: girls. Julie just isn’t ready for this yet; Grayson is still her baby! It turns out Grayson has a crush on a girl from school, but he’s not sure what to do. Since no one else will talk to him about the birds and the bees, it’s up to Savannah to show her little brother the way. Lesson one: act like a gentleman, which basically means act the opposite of Chase. Savannah suggests Grayson ask his crush out on a date and she even offers to chaperone. So cute!

Off To A Rough Start

Todd and Will show up for their lunch with chaperones (wives) of their own. It’s... awkward. Will says he’s ready to put the past behind him, but when the conversation dries up like the Sahara, it’s up to the ladies to salvage the situation. Okay, as baby steps go, maybe it wasn’t so bad, but then Lindsie invites Julie and Todd over to their house for dinner to continue the bonding. Great, another awkward meal to look forward to.

Grayson’s Big Date

Lindsie, Savannah, and Nanny Faye take Grayson to the ice cream parlor for his date, and the poor little guy is tongue-tied when the object of his affection walks in the door with her mother in tow. Is love in the air? We’ll see. For now, Grayson is just trying to make it through the next hour. Grayson lets his date order first (classic gentleman move), and while things get off to a rocky start after Grayson spills ice cream on himself, a little coaching from Lindsie and Savannah gets the ball rolling. Before you know it, the two kids are bonding over their shared love of sports and video games, and setting up date number two. Go Gray!

The Great Swing-Set Peace Summit

Todd and Julie show up to Lindsie and Will’s house, and the men are summarily pushed outside to build a swing-set and get over their damn differences already. Todd doesn’t understand why they couldn’t have hashed things out at Nordstrom’s, and he’s a little nervous that Will might come after him with a power drill. Will is pretty nervous too, though, and after the two men bond over the crap job they’re doing building the swing-set, Will finally offers up the apology Todd has been hoping for, and Todd is able to finally let the bad blood go.