Colon All Cards
S4 episode 16 Aired on September 6, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Julie and Todd’s Big Procedure

Julie isn’t so happy to hear that she has a colonoscopy coming up (Todd schedules a colonoscopy every two years for Julie, because Cancer), and she suggests Todd join her this year and get one too. In fact, she insists on it. Todd doesn’t like that idea so much -- it will take a long time to mentally prepare himself, and they’ll need someone to drive them, and dammit, he doesn’t want to get a colonoscopy! Julie assures him that Faye can drive. Looks like this is happening, Todd.

Faye Goes AWOL

Todd and Julie prep for the procedure and “clean out their systems” (gross, y’all), but Faye won’t pick up her phone when the big day arrives! It turns out that Faye is on tilt at the poker table with some of her buddies, and she doesn’t plan on going anywhere no matter how much Todd stomps his feet. Furious, Todd calls Lindsie to see if she can go roust her grandmother, and Todd, Julie, Grayson, and Savannah all pile into the car to head to the doctor’s office in Atlanta.

Faye’s Got a Promblem

While Todd and Julie deal with the very real prospect of ruining their car if they don’t find a bathroom, Lindsie tries to drag Nanny Faye away from the card table. To make a long story short, it doesn’t go so well. Lindsie thinks they need to take Faye to a hypnotherapist to cure her gambling addiction, and while Todd and Julie think it’s one of the more harebrained schemes they’ve ever heard, at this point they’re willing to try anything. Plus, they’re too busy trying not to soil themselves to say no.

Faye Gets Hypnotized

The car finally arrives in Atlanta, and Todd and Julie get poked and prodded, while Faye undergoes hypnotherapy and embarks on an amazing inner journey. Todd and Julie survive the colonoscopy (although surviving Savannah’s driving on the trip home is another story), and they all meet up to trade tales. Faye is feeling particularly zenned out, and apologizes to Todd and Julie for not helping out. She’s not even planning on going gambling that night (although that doesn’t mean it’s off the table for good). As for Todd and Julie, well, they’re just happy to be back at home and have peace of mind (for another two years, anyway).