Todd's Not Dead
S4 episode 15 Aired on August 30, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

One Foot in the Grave

Todd’s discovery of a gray hair down there (yes, down there) has him pondering mortality, so he drags Julie to a funeral home to start planning for his own funeral. Very dark, Todd, are you going goth now? Todd wants it to be one big party, and he also wants to double up on embalming fluid (it’s like Botox for dead bodies, y’all). Also, there’s going to be a run-through, complete with thoughtful, heartfelt eulogies from all of his children. The kids think it’s straight-up creepy. Julie thinks it’s the ultimate control freak move. We just think it’s Todd doing Todd.


Royal Misbehavior

Todd and Julie are not pleased when they learn that Savannah has been shirking her Miss Tennessee Teen community service responsibilities. Come on, Savannah, you weren’t raised that way! Todd signs Savannah up to volunteer at the local animal shelter, and let’s just say she’s less than enthused (she prefers horses to dogs and cats). After a day of cleaning kennels, she’s ready to hang up her apron. But when Todd gets a report from the shelter about her bad attitude, he informs her that her behavior is not becoming of the Miss Tennessee Teen crown (well, those aren’t the exact words he uses, but we think you know what he said). She needs to put a smile on her face and get back to that shelter.


Sassy Steps Up

Shelter, take two, and this time Savannah’s attitude is much improved. After giving some lucky doggies a bath, she decides to use her powers for good and set up a pet adoption stand, and she brings Grayson along to help. Grayson uses his charms to reel the customers in and Savannah gives ‘em the hard sell. The two tag-team this thing and find some special dogs good homes. Good work, Sassy!


Todd’s Funeral Rehearsal

The day of Todd’s practice funeral arrives, and everyone still thinks it’s creepy as H-E-double hockey sticks. Chase is so skeeved out he won’t go near the casket (who knew Chasey-poo was so superstitious?). Savannah has no such qualms and actually jumps in the casket to give her father a good scare when he arrives, and boy does she get him good. Todd wants to know who would do a thing like that, but who the heck would have a rehearsal for their own funeral?! Anyway, once the guests arrive (yes, they invited other people, really), it’s time for the moment of truth. The kids give their eulogies, and the things they have to say are actually quite touching. Todd is so appreciative, and at the end of the day the whole thing actually brings them all closer. Who would have guessed?