Don't Kale Yourself
S4 episode 14 Aired on August 23, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Lindsie Draws a Line

Lindsie is worried that Todd and Julie are going to pass their poor eating habits on to her son, Jackson, so she dishes up a piping hot ultimatum: take part in a weeklong healthy eating challenge, or no more visits from their grandson. We all know Todd and Julie love their Jack-Jack, so they say bring on the kale. They start to regret it, though, when Lindsie cooks up a big batch of veggie bacon for breakfast. Worse still, she raids their pantry and purges their junk food stash. Lindsie assures Julie that she won’t miss it, but as Julie watches all of their precious chips and cheeses get trashed she starts to worry that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.


Chase in the Dentist Chair

It’s time for Chase to get his wisdom teeth out! Never one to let an opportunity to go to waste, Todd mercilessly torments his boy with stories about how miserable he’s going to be. Lucky for Chase, Todd shuts his mouth when they bring out the big needle for his IV. The surgery is a success, and with Chase still flying high from the “happy juice,” Todd decides to mess with his boy some more and convinces him that he bought him a new Ferrari, but that Chase crashed it in a hit and run. Nice parenting, Todd. It’s okay though -- Chase sleeps it off and is rewarded with a big bowl of ice cream. Feel better, Chase!


Todd and Julie Feel the Burn

Phase two of Lindsie’s master plan begins when she drags her parents to a high-intensity workout class. Let’s just say it’s not for them. Todd, Julie, and Grayson head off to the farmer’s market to pick up some healthy food to fill all that newly-free space in their fridge, and everything is going well until Todd is seduced by the call of fresh donuts. Julie stays strong…until she sees the grilled cheese truck. Todd and Julie swear Grayson to secrecy, but come on, when has Grayson ever kept his mouth shut about anything? No sooner do they get home then Grayson is blabbing to Lindsie about their parents’ lunchtime indiscretions. Busted!


The Great Chrisley Compromise

Later that night, Lindsie teaches Julie a few healthy cooking tricks while they make dinner. Lindsie is pretty pleased Julie is open to new options (even if she had to shame her into it). Best of all, Todd doesn’t even realize that he’s eating whole wheat pasta and chicken sausage. Maybe this healthy eating thing isn’t so bad? Lindsie and her parents come to a compromise: whenever they have Jack-Jack over, it will be health food all the way. Todd will eat all the whole wheat pasta in the world if he gets to see his grandson.