Hawaii Love You So
S4 episode 13 Aired on August 23, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Julie and Todd Celebrate 20 Years!

It’s Todd and Julie’s 20th anniversary, but the honeymoon happened before the wedding (if you catch Todd’s drift), so they’ve decided to take the trip they never got to take and head to Hawaii! Julie wants to leave the kids at home, but Todd isn’t ready to be separated by that many time zones in case something were to happen (and with this crew, something’s always happens), so the whole clan is coming. But don’t worry -- this trip is all about quality Todd-and-Julie time. No complaining; no worrying; no texting the kids 24-7. That’s a Todd promise.


The Chrisleys Do Hawaii

The family gets a taste of Hawaiian hospitality and everyone breaks off to do their own thing: Lindsie and Savannah go horseback riding while Faye gets friendly with a few cowboys; Chase and Grayson go cliff jumping; and Todd and Julie take a hula class. It turns out Todd is a natural hula dancer (it’s all in the hips), but he’s also a natural liar and he sneaks off to text the kids. Later, Todd and Julie depart for a romantic sunset cruise, but it turns out that Todd booked them on an EDM cruise. Instead of romantic views and sweet nothings, Todd and Julie get pounding music and screaming 20-year-olds. To make matters worse, Julie catches Todd texting the kids again. Todd promises to make up for the cruise mess with a romantic dinner, but when he stages a run in with Chase and Grayson, Julie hits her limit and leaves Todd to deal with the kids (and Nanny, who’s been drinking and gambling with the cowboys). Not very romantic, Todd.


Todd Makes Good

Okay, so Todd screwed up, but he promises Julie he’s got a big surprise that will make up for his bad behavior. The next morning the whole family heads out on an ATV excursion. Todd’s big plan nearly goes up in exhaust fumes when Savannah flips her ATV, but no one is hurt, and eventually they arrive at Todd’s big surprise: a vow renewal ceremony in the jungle! Todd and Julie renew their marriage vows, Hawaiian-style, in front of their family, and Julie couldn’t be more thrilled. Todd did good -- happy anniversary, indeed!