Crowning Achievements
S4 episode 1 Aired on March 8, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

The New Normal

With Savannah and Chase away at school, Julie and Todd can feel their nest getting a little emptier and Todd, for one, isn’t so great with change. Grayson is growing into a real handful, though, so Casa de Chrisley is in no danger of losing its crazy anytime soon.

Chase’s Sartorial Scheming

Chase returns home sporting some sexy scruff (in his mind, that is -- to Todd it’s the homeless look) with plans to do a little laundry and get his parents to front for a new winter wardrobe. Todd and Julie say “Naaaaaahhh” to that, so Chase promises his baby bro a hundred bucks (Blue C Notes!) to raid Todd’s closet.  Of course, Chase is well aware of Grayson’s track record when it comes to keeping secrets so he makes him sign a contract that would force him to give up all his worldly possessions (mostly video games) if he blabs to Todd or Julie.

Todd Plans a Party

Todd is upset that he missed Savannah’s big win at the Miss Tennessee Teen USA pageant and decides he going to throw her a big party so she can reenact her big night, gown and tiara and all. Savannah is thinking more like small dinner party and Todd reluctantly agrees… but when she arrives home and Todd eagerly whisks her off to check out the event space, Savannah starts to realize who this party is really all about (who’s it always all about?).

Chase’s Plan Comes to Fruition…Almost

Grayson comes up with the genius idea to swipe Todd’s dry cleaning and Chase couldn’t be more proud. They make off with quite a haul, but Savannah soon notices something is up and cuts a deal with the little man to flip on Chase. Honestly, when will he learn? Julie isn’t so happy to learn that Chase is corrupting her baby, and Chase figures it’s as good a time as any to beat it. He’s not fast enough, though, and Todd catches Chase with a whole trunk full of dry cleaning, including some of his mother’s things — and some groceries for good measure. Some things never change.

Savannah Strikes a Nerve

The night of the party arrives and of course Todd has gone overboard. Be honest, girl, you don’t mind all the attention. Savannah does mind when Todd orchestrates a Q&A to not-so-subtly get her to praise her papa, though, and she decides to have a little fun with him. Does she go a little too far? Maybe. In any case, Todd gets a wee bit dramatic, so it’s left to Julie to ask her daughter to maybe consider her father’s feelings. Savannah realizes that her daddy had only the best intentions at heart and decides to get into her gown for a surprise photo op with Todd. Yup, seems like the more that things change at the Chrisley house, the more they stay the same.