Season 4 episodes

S4 EP1
The Silos
Aired on 09/21/2016
Available until 08/11/2020
After Voight is suspected in the murder of his son's killer, Lindsay becomes the target for intense questioning; Burgess gets a new partner with an intriguing history.
S4 EP5
A War Zone
Aired on 10/26/2016
Available until 08/11/2020
When an epidemic of heroin overdoses sweeps the city, Voight and team must trace the operation back to its leader; meanwhile, Mouse fights for the opportunity to rejoin the military, despite Halstead's attempts to convince him otherwise.
S4 EP7
Aired on 11/16/2016
Available until 08/11/2020
The State Attorney's office calls upon the Intelligence Unit after the only witness in a serial rape case is murdered; Peter Stone offers Antonio a surprising - and tempting - opportunity.
S4 EP8
A Shot Heard Round the World
Aired on 11/16/2016
Available until 08/11/2020
The police force is shaken after one of its own is targeted by a cop killer; Voight and team put everything on hold to identify the perpetrator from a long list of suspects and stop his violent rampage.
S4 EP9
Don't Bury This Case
Aired on 01/03/2017
Available until 08/11/2020
After Severide is implicated in a hit-and-run and cannot recall the events of the night, Voight and the Intelligence Unit work around the clock to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Lindsay considers the idea of meeting her father.