Season 5 episodes

S5 EP18
Fail Safe
In the season five finale, Anson's master plan has finally been revealed: to rebuild the organization that burnt Michael Westen. Michael has vowed to not let that happen, but the fact still remains that disobeying Anson means sacrificing Fiona forever. Desperate for leverage, Sam tracks some payments Anson had made to a small weapon's facility in Tampa. There's a chance that whatever's in that facility might directly link Anson to the consulate bombing and vindicate Fiona.
S5 EP17
Acceptable Loss
While Anson was successful in quietly moving all of his money out of his traceable accounts, Barry was able to use his expertise to follow a singular payment that Anson had made to a shady Washington D.C. law firm. Michael and Fiona fly up to D.C. and find a file on an old "friend," Vaughn, the man responsible for burning Michael. Now Michael will have to get Vaughn transferred out of Guantanamo bay in order to learn what the link is between him and Anson. It's a long shot, but if Michael can figure out how they're connected, perhaps he can learn what Anson's larger plans are and finally put a stop to them.
S5 EP16
Depth Perception
Anson wants Michael to go to the Cayman Islands to retrieve a large sum of money from an account that once belonged to his nefarious organization. The account is under government surveillance, so someone will have to travel to the Cayman Islands and surreptitiously move the money in person. Since Michael is under the scrutiny of the CIA, he sends Jesse and Fiona in his place. Once there, they will have to convince a dirty banker to move Anson's money without raising any red flags. The only problem is they'll have to trust the word of a dirty banker to do it.
S5 EP15
Necessary Evil
Michael and Fiona break into a defense contractor's office to learn who Anson's been communicating with. In doing so, they stumble upon a startling truth: Anson's associate is Benny (Ep. 510), Madeline's boyfriend. Knowing how much this information could hurt her, Michael holds off on telling Madeline until he can be absolutely sure of Benny's involvement.
S5 EP14
Breaking Point
Michael has his new security clearance granted by the CIA, a major step toward having his burn notice lifted. But celebrations are cut short when Michael is told to gain access to the CIA database with his new clearance and erase any incriminating information that may point to Anson. To learn more about Anson's plans, Fiona plants a tracker on his car.
S5 EP13
Damned If You Do
In the second half of Season Five, Anson Fullerton (Ep. 512), the co-creator of the organization that Michael worked so hard to destroy, uses evidence that ties Fiona to the bombing of a British consulate to blackmail Michael into doing his bidding.
S5 EP12
Dead to Rights
Pearce has arrested Michael for Max's murder (Ep.504) and is sending him to a federal holding facility via armed convoy. However, Jesse and Sam have found the real killer, a Romanian assassin named Tavian Korzha (Ep. 510), trapped on an island just off the Florida coast. Jesse and Sam stop the convoy and appeal to Pearce's doubts, convincing her to let Michael talk to Tavian before law enforcement moves in. Michael meets with Tavian while wearing a wire and Pearce hears Tavian confess to murdering Max and framing Michael. Michael tries to offer Tavian a deal, but knowing there's no escape, Tavian jumps to his death, finally putting an end to the CIA's investigation.
S5 EP11
Better Halves
Pearce sends Michael and Fiona to Venezuela to extract a bio-weapons expert and his wife. Although paid handsomely by the Russians, they are unable to spend their fortune and are constantly under the watch of their Russian bodyguards. Fiona and Michael have to pose as the perfect couple to lure the bickering couple away from their armed escorts with promises of a better life. It's not an easy job, but it's the closest thing to a vacation that Michael and Fiona may ever get.
S5 EP10
Army of One
Michael and Sam attempt to apprehend Max's killer, but he torches his operation and escapes. Fortunately, Sam is able to grab one badly burnt computer tower and calls upon an old acquaintance, Dixon, to help retrieve the data from it. In a rush, they resort to kidnapping Dixon – a bad idea since he's wearing a police ankle monitor.
S5 EP9
Eye for an Eye
Michael and Sam rush to apprehend and interrogate a Romanian war criminal connected to Max's murder. The Romanian isn't easily intimidated, though, and shows no signs of cooperating. Michael's only hope is to find something he cares about and leverage it against him, but appealing to his sentimentality is no easy task.
S5 EP8
Hard Out
Fiona uses clues from a sophisticated bomb to learn the identity of the person who built it, someone involved in framing Michael for Max's (Ep. 501) murder. Fiona turns to an old associate, Armand, for help in her hunt, and while he's happy to provide assistance, he does nothing for free. To get the info she wants, she and Sam must steal a shipment of armor-piercing rounds from a heavily armed munitions manufacturer.
S5 EP7
Fiona and Sam track down Jacob Starky, a man linked to Max's murder, but Jacob turns out to be an unwitting errand boy and now his life is in danger. Fiona and Sam must save Jacob if they want to have any hope of finding out who's really behind framing Michael for murder.
S5 EP6
Enemy of My Enemy
Eager to remain in the good graces of Agent Pearce, Michael agrees to help her retrieve an aerial surveillance drone that was stolen from the CIA. Of course, she never expected for his plan to rely on Carmelo Dante, Miami's second largest heroin dealer. Since Michael and Carmelo already have a turbulent past, Sam is sent to manipulate the dangerous drug dealer, but when his life is put on the line, Michael and the CIA battle over priorities: save Sam or save the mission?
S5 EP5
Square One
Ethan, a young soldier back from Afghanistan, needs Michael's help finding the dangerous con man who put his sister in the hospital. In order to take him down, Michael has to teach Ethan some tricks of the spy trade and as they work together, Michael begins to see a younger version of himself in Ethan.
S5 EP4
No Good Deed
Barry's brother Paul needs Michael's help retrieving a stolen hard drive that contains the account information of a local teacher's union. If Michael can't get it back soon, Paul will lose his job and hundreds of teachers will lose their life savings. Michael tries to get close to the young hacker who stole the hard drive, but she proves to be much more dangerous than Michael had imagined.
S5 EP3
Mind Games
Michael's brother, Nate, returns to Miami and recruits him to help take down a loan shark that's been harassing an old friend's widow. But the loan shark and his boss may be more brutal -- and have more motives -- than they anticipated.
S5 EP2
Jesse recruits Michael to help find a young girl who was kidnapped by a deadly gang of Yakuza human traffickers. When Jesse, Sam, and Fiona capture a Yakuza gangster named Takeda, it's up to Michael to interrogate him. Since Takeda's Yakuza background has conditioned him against conventional interrogation techniques, Sam recruits Madeline to help as well. Both Michael and Madeline are pushed to their limits when the roles they play bring up painful memories.
S5 EP1
Company Man
In the Season 5 opener, Michael Westen has been quite busy. Armed with a list of people who have burned him, Michael and his new CIA handler, Max, have dismantled the organization that ruined his life. Now only one man remains: John Kessler.