Season 4 episodes

S4 EP18
Last Stand
With Barrett’s list back in Michael's possession, the team puts together a plan to turn over the list to a trustworthy government source. Sam suggests giving the list to congressmen Cowley, but it's easier said than done. Cowley isn't exactly friendly with Michael after their run in with the Russian wetwork team in "Past and Future Tens" (Season 4 Episode 7).
S4 EP17
Out of the Fire
Michael, Sam, Fiona, and Jesse regroup after having Barrett's list stolen by Brennen, an old enemy. Brennen approaches Michael with a deal Brennen feels is a win-win: by eliminating the people on Barrett's list, Brennen gets to turn a quick profit, and Michael gets to take out some of the people responsible for his Burn Notice. Brennen gives Michael the name of the first target that needs to be eliminated. When Michael refuses, Brennen brings in another familiar face to keep Michael in line. Michael's old mentor, "Dead" Larry. Michael must outsmart his two most worthy adversaries in order to get Barrett's list back.
S4 EP16
Dead or Alive
With Barrett’s list back in Michael’s possession, Michael must decide whether to use the list himself to take down the people that burned him, or attempt to turn the list over to someone in the government. After consulting with the team, Michael decides that handing over the list to Jesse’s old handler Marv, may be enough to get Jesse his old job back.
S4 EP15
Brotherly Love
Michael’s brother Nate visits Miami, but Michael quickly realizes that Nate isn’t in town just to see the family. Nate has agreed to help some old friends track down a car that was stolen from their shop. The complication: the car was loaded with drugs and now a dangerous drug kingpin is holding them responsible for losing the stash. Michael must dust off an old cover ID, “Johnnie” the slick talking car thief, and find the missing car before Nate and his friends wind up dead.
S4 EP14
Hot Property

Michael agrees to help a client rescue his kidnapped sister, but Michael gets more than he bargained for when he realizes the entire case was a ruse set up by an old enemy, Natalie (Season 3 Episode 8). Natalie tells Michael she was doing business with some South American revolutionaries and discovered they were in possession of a chemical weapon. Natalie may be a thief, but she isn’t a mass murderer. She wants Michael’s help to get the weapon away from the dangerous revolutionaries before they can use it to kill innocent people.

S4 EP13
Eyes Open
Michael wakes up in the hospital after being severely wounded in the altercation with John Barrett and his men in Episode 412. But while Michael was busy fighting for his life in a hospital bed, the federal government launched a full-scale investigation into Barrett, and Barrett’s organization, taking it apart piece by piece.
S4 EP12
Guilty as Charged
Fiona attempts to find Jesse and convince him to meet with Michael. Meanwhile, Michael helps a criminal defense attorney rescue his daughter after she is kidnapped by one of his clients.
S4 EP11
Blind Spot
Michael finally tracks down the man behind the global wars for profit, revealing him to be John Barrett- the powerful CEO of a major communications conglomerate. In order to learn his plan, Michael and Jesse use the coded bible as bait to lure Mr. Barrett to Miami.
S4 EP10
Hard Time
Sam learns that a dangerous gang is targeting his old friend Juan, who is doing time in prison. With the FBI’s help, Michael breaks into prison to keep Juan safe. When the gang starts a prison riot in order to take out Michael and Juan, Michael realizes getting out of prison alive might be more difficult than he initially thought.
S4 EP9
Center of the Storm
As a hurricane makes landfall in Miami, Michael finds himself in possession of an old family bible that looks to contain a mysterious cipher. Michael soon realizes that finding out where the book decodes, means talking to the bible’s former owner: his nemesis, Simon (Season 3 Episode 16).
S4 EP8
Where There's Smoke
Michael and Jesse learn that the man behind the rash of global terrorism attempted to rob a safe deposit box at Dade Trust Bank in Miami. The only way to figure out what he was after, and perhaps discover a clue to the mystery man’s identity, is for Michael and Jesse to rob the bank themselves.
S4 EP7
Past and Future Tense
Michael and Jesse learn from Kendra that the person behind the global wars for profit hired a team to rip off a bank safe deposit box somewhere in Miami. When the team failed to complete the task, Kendra was sent to tie up all the loose ends. With no other leads to follow, Jesse decides to make contact with his former handler, Marv, at an intelligence conference that is taking place in Miami.
S4 EP6
Entry Point
Michael and Jesse capture Kendra, the dangerous killer who has information on the man behind all the worldwide mayhem and destruction. Jesse must use every bit of his counter intelligence training to find out what she knows.
S4 EP5
Neighborhood Watch
After Michael’s encounter with a cold-blooded killer, Kendra, he gains possession of a rare data tape containing incriminating evidence. Michael’s attempt at retrieving the information on the drive comes up empty, but he tries to use it to draw Kendra out into the open and grab her--a job that’s easier said than done.
S4 EP4
Breach of Faith
Sam volunteers to help a friend, Josh Wagner, whose veteran’s charity is wiped clean by a smoothing talking investment broker. But when Josh decides to hold the broker and his assistant at gunpoint in order to get his money back, Michael and Sam find themselves in the middle of a dangerous hostage situation. Trying to keep the peace inside, Michael must also serve as negotiator to keep the police at bay, as he and Sam try to track down (and return) Josh’s stolen money before things go horribly wrong.
S4 EP3
Made Man
Michael's investigation into the worldwide wars for profit leads him to the port of Miami, searching for a ship that had recently passed through Algeria with a hefty weapons supply. While on stakeout, Jesse comes to the rescue of a dock security worker, Hank, and discovers that several dockworkers are being shaken down by a ruthless Mafioso, Tony Caro. Persuaded by Jesse, Sam must convince Tony his bosses are planning on betraying him, forcing Tony into a desperate move that will end his mafia career, and keep the mob off the docks for good.
S4 EP2
Fast Friends
Michael tracks down Jesse Porter, the counter intelligence agent he accidentally burned, to see how Jesse's official investigation was connected to the worldwide destruction Michael is looking into with Vaughn. However, Michael quickly realizes he isn’t the only one looking for Jesse: Khan, a former Golden Triangle drug kingpin is also on the hunt, and ready to serve Jesse with years worth of pent up revenge. Michael must convince Khan they are working toward the same goal, in order gain his trust and put Khan away for good.
S4 EP1
Friends and Enemies
After apprehending Simon and saving Management's life, Michael finds himself held prisoner in a secret holding facility. There he meets Vaughn (Robert Wisdom), a key figurehead in the organization responsible for burning Michael. Vaughn tells Michael that Simon's escape is connected to an outbreak of worldwide destruction, and he needs Michael's help to find the person who's pulling the strings. Vaughn gives Michael a choice: he can sit in his cell for the rest of his life, letting his talents as an international covert operative go to waste, or they can unite against a common enemy.