Season 2 episodes

S2 EP16
Lesser Evil
Michael and Victor have secured a file they need to blackmail Carla and plan to take Victor’s boat to Cuba so they can lay low. When Carla arrives at the dock and the three face off. Things look bleak but Sam and Fiona show up just in time. But, it’s not over and Michael has to face Management in their helicopter, who are furious they’ve lost four operatives since they "recruited" Michael. Michael fires right back that he never asked for this and wants out. Management tells him he can get out right now by jumping, but he will no longer have any protection from his enemies. Will he jump and leave his future unknown?
S2 EP15
Sins of Omission
With the knowledge that Victor is the one who is after him, Michael puts his life into lock down, sending Nate to Las Vegas and bringing Madeleine to the apartment. Everyone is shocked when Michael's ex-fiancé Samantha arrives to ask for help. A thief, Samantha was approached by a black market trader named Brennan to steal a guidance chip for UAV spy drones from a defense contractor called AFC Industries. As incentive, Brennan kidnapped Samantha's son Charlie. Samantha was able to get the chip, but only by taking a job at AFC. When they find out it's gone, it won't take them long to learn that Samantha is the one that took it. If that happens, Samantha will become one of the most wanted people in the country. Michael and the team plan to make the trade and then recover the chip from Brennan. However, Brennan arrives with an insurance policy: an explosive device molded to Charlie's arm. Michael and the team get Charlie to safety, but they need to devise a new plan.
S2 EP14
Truth and Reconciliation
Michael meets with Gustavo, who has a file on the party tied to the Caymen bank account. But Gustavo is not who he claims to be, and when he pulls a knife Michael kills him in self-defense. Michael is intent on finding who sent Gustavo to kill him, but he is first approached by a Haitian man named Claude Laurent who has come to Miami following a corrupt government official named Jean Pierre Duman. The Duman family committed terrible atrocities in Haiti, including killing Claude's daughter, and Claude wants to bring Duman back to Haiti to stand trial. Michael poses as an employee of Flintridge Industries, the company that built jails in Haiti for the Duman family. Michael claims Flintridge wants distance from the acts committed by Duman, and that includes cleaning the records of the Duman Family. Michael hopes he can get his hands on Duman's records, paving the way for Sam's FBI contacts to have Duman extradited.
S2 EP13
Bad Breaks
Michael ask Barry to track the Cayman bank account number he got from Derek Poole, but C.S.S. Agent Jason Bly shows up. He can pin Michael to Barry's illegal snooping, and he's itching for revenge after Michael blackmailed him into leaving town. Adding to the irritation, Michael has to help his mother's friend Paula, an assistant manager at a private bank, deal with a stalker named Prescott. Bly follows Michael to Paula's bank, but when Prescott arrives with four armed men, Michael realizes too late that Prescott is actually a bank robber. Michael, Bly and the rest of the bank patrons are taken hostage. Michael and Bly will have to work together if they are going to get out alive.
S2 EP12
Seek and Destroy
Having identified the bomber as Derek Poole, Michael reaches out to Seymour the arms dealer to help track him down. Seymour agrees to help, but he needs money to spread around. Running low on cash, Michael poses as a corporate espionage specialist to take a job for wealthy art dealer Scott Chandler. Chandler found a bug in his office and is worried that the competition is hacking into his files. It seems like a no fuss job, but things take a turn when Michael finds out that Chandler's receptionist Melanie is the one doing the spying. Chandler represented Melanie's father, the artist J.D. Blake. Blake threatened to fire Chandler before he could sell one of Blake's most expensive paintings. But Blake wound up dead and the painting went missing.
S2 EP11
Hot Spot
At Sam's behest, Michael agrees to meet with Sean, a former pro footballer turned local high school coach who needs help. One of his players, Corey Jensen, got into a scuffle with Felix Cole, the ringleader of a local gang of car thieves. Corey was defending his sister, and now Felix wants him dead. Michael and the team come up with their plan: pose as a rival gang and chase Felix out of town.
S2 EP10
Do No Harm
Having narrowly survived the explosion at his apartment, Michael and Sam are pursued by Carla's men. The plan is to regroup, but Michael intercedes when he sees a man (Kenny) step in front of a bus. Kenny had paid good money to a doctor to help his sick son Jack, but the doctor turned out to be a scam artist.
S2 EP9
Good Soldier
Michael is enlisted by Fiona's new boyfriend to help Henry, a private bodyguard who is being blackmailed, into helping kidnap an oil heiress. In order to foil the plan, Michael must now pose as a disgruntled bodyguard and get himself hired on as part of the kidnapping team and stop them from the inside.
S2 EP8
Double Booked
Michael’s old mentor, Larry, comes back from the dead to offer him a job - killing a millionaire’s wife. Michael has no choice but to take the case and avert the woman’s murder.
S2 EP7
Rough Seas
Virgil returns to town and introduces a friend to Michael who needs help. Marcela works for a medical relief agency and her latest shipment was hijacked by modern-day pirates. Michael must figure out a way to retrieve the shipment before it's too late.
S2 EP6
Bad Blood
Michael meets with Ricky, a family friend who is now working for Valentine, a famous rapper/business mogul. Ricky has been framed for stealing money from his boss and needs Michael's help to prove his innocence.
S2 EP5
Scatter Point
Michael meets a client who is being forced to participate in a jewel heist. It's up to Michael to foil the heist and prevent any harm to his client's family. Meanwhile, Michael finds Carla's Miami office and Veronica pops a very serious question to Sam, who turns to Fiona for advice.
S2 EP4
Nate shows up in town for a surprise visit and asks Michael to help Katya, a coworker at the limo company where he works. The Russian mafia, who had promised to bring her sister to the United States, is now holding the sister for ransom. Michael, Nate, and Sam pull off a kidnapping of their own to find out where the sister is being held. In the meantime, Sam attempts to befriend an officer at the Agricultural Association of South Florida in order to get more information about Carla.
S2 EP3
Trust Me
Michael helps a friend of Madeline's, a woman whose son, Andy, is in trouble after getting bilked out of two hundred thousand dollars in a crooked nightclub scheme. Michael, Sam and Fiona devise a plan to con the con man to get Andy's money back. Meanwhile, Michael tries to get information about the people who burned him from a Pakistani spy
S2 EP2
Turn And Burn
Michael finally meets Carla face to face, but instead of getting answers, he gets another mission: to have a counterfeit copy of a high-tech security badge made. Meanwhile, Sam introduces Michael to a client, a young woman who is being stalked by soldier for a drug cartel. The stalker job turns out to be a little more complex than he anticipated, and he must juggle that with the job for Carla and his mother's demands that he attend counseling with her.
S2 EP1
Breaking and Entering
In the season premiere, Michael discovers that he has been recruited by the people that burned him; his new handler, Carla, makes it very clear that he's going to do as he's told or his family and friends will suffer the consequences. They want Michael to help Jimmy, a computer security tech, heist some data from a private security firm, and they're holding Jimmy's family hostage as an added incentive for both of them. With help from Sam and Fiona, Michael comes up with a desperate plan to pull off the heist and save Jimmy's family. It's Michael's first step down the road to finding out who his new employers are... and what they intend to do with him.