Season 7 episodes

S7 EP13
In the final episode of the series, Michael Westen finds himself in a standoff between Fiona and Sonya: between loyalty and betrayal. Michael was planning on turning against the CIA and allying himself with Sonya, but when Sonya tries to kill Fiona for getting in their way, Michael shoots Sonya dead.
S7 EP12
Sea Change
James has just learned that Michael has been working undercover for the CIA, but he also knows that Michael’s allegiance now lies with his organization. Michael admits that while he may not always agree with James’ methods, he does believe in his cause, which is why Michael’s willing to go back to the CIA and lie to them on James’ behalf.
S7 EP11
Tipping Point
Michael manages to copy all the files off of Sonya’s cell phone and hand it over to the CIA. With that information, Strong is able to determine James’ next location. Strong hires a team of intelligence freelancers to capture James and Sonya while Michael leads them into his trap.
S7 EP10
Things Unseen
James orders Michael and Sonya to assassinate an intelligence broker, ROGER STEELE (Sebastian Roché), for getting too close to uncovering their secret organization. The reason James has chosen Michael for the job is because Michael and Roger are old friends. Michael tries to convince Strong to abduct Steele before the assassination can occur, but Strong refuses, pointing out that any intervention by the CIA would blow Michael’s cover. In order to stop Sonya from killing Steele in a way that would get dozens of other innocent people killed, Michael’s forced use his friendship with Steele to lure him into a deadly trap.
S7 EP9
Bitter Pill
James calls upon Michael and his team to protect a diplomat who’s been targeted for assassination by a radical Libyan group. The diplomat is scheduled to speak at an economic conference in Miami, so Michael and Sam sign on as his personal security detail while Jesse, Fi, and one of James’ operatives, BEN SNYDER (David Meunier), monitor the situation from outside. Toward the end of the conference, it looks like the Libyan hit squad isn’t going to make their move. But when the diplomat falls ill, Michael realizes the Libyans don’t need to attack him at the economic conference… because they’ve already poisoned him.
S7 EP8
Nature of the Beast
Now that Michael has gained JAMES’ trust, he’s been asked, for the first time, to lead a mission for James’ organization. Michael is being sent back to the Dominican Republic to apprehend MARCO CABRAL (Peter Mensah), the corrupt head of the Dominican narcotics police force. It turns out Cabral has been using his position of power to become the Dominican Republic’s biggest drug smuggler. To escape the many enemies he’s gained throughout his career, Cabral has signed an exile deal with MI6 to hand over his intelligence network in exchange for a cozy retirement in England. James, however, doesn’t want Cabral to be rewarded for his life of treachery, which is why he’s ordered Michael to swoop in before the British can get Cabral off the island.
S7 EP7
Psychological Warfare
Michael’s been pushing to meet the leader of Sonya’s organization, but he had no idea what he was getting into. Shortly after Sonya agrees to makes the introduction, she knocks Michael unconscious. When he awakes, he finds himself in an abandoned house, surrounded by guards, and face to face with the mysterious man Sonya works for.
S7 EP6
All Or Nothing
Michael’s CIA handler, ANDREW STRONG (Jack Coleman) has ordered Michael to find out who the head of the terrorist organization he’s infiltrated is. To do that, Michael has to get a lot closer to SONYA LEBIDENKO (Alona Tal).
S7 EP5
Exit Plan
Thanks to Burke’s sacrifice, Michael, Sam, and Jesse were able to free SONYA LEBEDENKO (Alona Tal) from a Russian black site prison. Now Michael must gain Sonya’s trust and find a way to get everyone back to Miami.
S7 EP4
Brother In Arms
Randall Burke (Adrian Pasdar) recruits Michael and his friends to break one of his comrades, Sonya, out of a Russian black site prison based near Havana, Cuba.
S7 EP3
Down Range
RANDALL BURKE (Adrian Pasdar) wants Michael’s help stealing a multi-million dollar piece of satellite technology so he can sell it to an infamous terrorist. ANDREW STRONG (Jack Coleman) sees this as the perfect opportunity to capture both Burke and the buyer in one fell swoop. Michael’s mission is to help Burke complete the job, so the sale will go down as planned. Once everyone’s in place, the CIA can move in.
S7 EP2
Forget Me Not
When Dexter Gamble (Nick Tarabay) learns that Michael is still in the CIA, Michael rushes to Miami to protect his cover by hunting Gamble down. The CIA only allows Michael to go under one condition, though: He must not have any contact with his friends.
S7 EP1
New Deal
It’s been nine months since Michael and his friends were released from CIA custody. Since then, Michael’s been living a life of squalor in the Dominican Republic, fighting in bars for money, and drinking it all away. It seems like Michael’s life has completely fallen apart, but he’s actually just deep under cover.