Bitter Pill
S7 episode 9 Aired on August 8, 2013

James calls upon Michael and his team to protect a diplomat who’s been targeted for assassination by a radical Libyan group. The diplomat is scheduled to speak at an economic conference in Miami, so Michael and Sam sign on as his personal security detail while Jesse, Fi, and one of James’ operatives, BEN SNYDER (David Meunier), monitor the situation from outside. Toward the end of the conference, it looks like the Libyan hit squad isn’t going to make their move. But when the diplomat falls ill, Michael realizes the Libyans don’t need to attack him at the economic conference… because they’ve already poisoned him.

Now Michael, Snyder, and the rest of the team are on the clock to find the antidote before the diplomat succumbs to the poison. They’re able to trace the poison back to DR. KHALID MAZIQ (Sammy Shiek), a Libyan chemist turned drug dealer. The team kidnaps Khalid and interrogates him to learn where he’s keeping the antidote. When Khalid refuses to cooperate, Snyder injects Khalid with his own poison. Now Khalid’s life depends on getting that antidote just as much as the diplomat’s.

Khalid takes the team back to his drug lab to get the antidote, but he tries to escape and Snyder is forced to shoot him to keep him from getting away. Khalid’s guards hear the commotion and a firefight breaks out inside the lab. The stray bullet sparks a raging fire, trapping Fi inside. Snyder is the only person who’s there to save Fiona, but his cowardice wins out and he leaves her to die…

Meanwhile, Madeline learns that James has been having his men follow her everywhere she goes. Frustrated that Michael won’t do anything to stop it, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Madeline lures one of James’ agents into an alley where she pulls a gun on him to question him. The agent refuses to tell her anything, but James later shows up at Madeline’s house to answer her questions personally.