Nature of the Beast
S7 episode 8 Aired on August 1, 2013

Now that Michael has gained JAMES’ trust, he’s been asked, for the first time, to lead a mission for James’ organization. Michael is being sent back to the Dominican Republic to apprehend MARCO CABRAL (Peter Mensah), the corrupt head of the Dominican narcotics police force. It turns out Cabral has been using his position of power to become the Dominican Republic’s biggest drug smuggler. To escape the many enemies he’s gained throughout his career, Cabral has signed an exile deal with MI6 to hand over his intelligence network in exchange for a cozy retirement in England. James, however, doesn’t want Cabral to be rewarded for his life of treachery, which is why he’s ordered Michael to swoop in before the British can get Cabral off the island.

Michael is allowed to bring one member of his team for support, so he asks Sam to come along, but Sam’s not thrilled to be working against an allied government. Sam starts to worry when he realizes Michael might actually be enjoying this mission and sympathizing too heavily with the organization he’s been tasked with taking down.

Meanwhile, ANDREW STRONG recruits Jesse and Fiona to accompany him to a hospital in Mississippi to interrogate an anonymous mental patient. The CIA has no idea who the man is, but they do know that for some reason, James has been paying his medical bills. With luck, this patient may be the key to getting the drop on James. When Strong, Jesse, and Fi get to the hospital, though, the patient escapes CIA custody. They lock the hospital down, so the patient can’t escape, but now must face being trapped inside with a dangerous mad man.