All Or Nothing
S7 episode 6 Aired on July 18, 2013

Michael’s CIA handler, ANDREW STRONG (Jack Coleman) has ordered Michael to find out who the head of the terrorist organization he’s infiltrated is. To do that, Michael has to get a lot closer to SONYA LEBIDENKO (Alona Tal).

To gain Sonya’s trust, Michael agrees to help her take down the hacker group responsible for her recent incarceration, ‘The Collective’. To make their approach, Michael and Fiona pose as a hacker duo, looking to get hired by The Collective. Once inside, they can get access to The Collective’s servers and destroy it from the inside. Since neither Michael nor Fiona have any actual hacking experience, they have to fake it. It’s up to Sam, Jesse, and Sonya to make it look like the work Michael and Fiona are doing on their computers is having an effect on the real world.

To get an introduction to The Collective, they’ll need someone who’s part of the hacker community, so Sam and Jesse turn to BARRY BUKOWSKI for help. Barry’s reluctant because the last time he worked with Michael Westen, he got sent to jail. When he got out, he found his business crippled and his girlfriend gone. Barry agrees to help Sam and Jesse if they can help him find his girlfriend again. As Sam and Jesse dig deeper, they learn that Barry’s girlfriend may not have only left him, but that someone may have taken her…

As Michael and Fiona go deeper into The Collective, they’re reminded of how well they work together. As old memories start to resurface, so do old feelings